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Finally consolidated the retrobird diecast pages into one page. Now all the concept and 2002-2005 Thunderbird models can be found on that one page. It’s long and the lists have been divded into sections. There are thumbnail pictures with almost all of the models that you may click on to view them larger. I haven’t removed all of old pages yet so you might still come across one of them.

I do try various formats for the pages, some with tables that are set at one size, others that shrink with size of screen that they’re on. If you have to scroll across to read a page, that’s just the way it’s going to be.


Continental Mark II update and a 55 Tbird collectible

Seems that the European manufacturers still like the old Fords. Wiking came out with another color, maroon, and packaged it singlely so it’s available to buy on it’s own. They have changed the name though and now call it Ford Lincoln Continental. They have kept the same model #, 210. The base has also changed, back to the original style without the trailer hitch base. Good move as I doubt any 56/57 Continental still in use today ever hauls a trailer though that would be a unique experience to see on the road. They may have changed the base on the pink model reported earlier but I still don’t have one of those, just the generic wiking photo which doesn’t show the rearend. Nice to note that the tires are now white wall tires. Look good on the little model.

Meanwhile, a friend, Frits, in the Netherlands, came across an auction for a tiny ceramic 1955 T-bird. I have heard of it before (several years ago) but had no pictures to know what it looked like. It’s made in France by Faboland and they have since then updated their website with pictures of their ceramics. Well, Frits found another one and sent it on to me so I have one now.

The story on the Faboland ceramics. They are meant to be baked into special Kings cakes during the Christmas season. It’s a tradition in many European countries and also during Mardi Gras here in the USA in New Orleans. Whoever finds the tiny toy usually gets some special priviledge or gift.

This means I will have to work on my ceramic scale model page now. It’s getting time to get that done.


Catching up

It’s been awhile. Two hot wheels earlier this year and nothing new since in the diecast department – that I am aware of. So finally posted my pewter page article. It will be updated with additional info but at least there is now a listing just for the pewter models.
Also noticed that I had not kept up the collectible page so working on that now. A new poster calendar is the last entry but also noticed that I had not mentioned a wood ornament nor a sun catcher from a year or so ago so added those on.


Another Hot Wheels ’57 for 2011

Heard from a friend that Hot Wheels had issued another ’57 recently. Double checked on the Hot Wheels collector site and it seems to have made it’s first appearance there in mid-April. It’s just starting to show up on the shelves at the Walmarts in my area. This ’57 is red with yellow flames, non-porthole and comes packaged in a set with a ’67 Charger and a plastic 3-D diner. The set is called a Racing Kit. It’s #2 in a series of 12. The wheels are silver laced, like the wheels on the black, purple with flames from 1999/2000.


Continental Mark II update

Last year at about this time, discovered a new release for the Wiking Continental. Wiking had not had any new releases for this particular body style since the early 80s. The new release was a pearlescent lite blue, base was slightly changed but the trailer hook was still there. Then this morning received a note from a friend in the Netherlands who noticed a new color in a catalog he had just received. This time the Continental is pink with a white top. Odd color choice for the Continental. This one also comes in a set of cars so it may be awhile before I find a loose one.

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Hot Wheels 1957 Ford Thunderbird for 2011

I’m soo excited! HW came out with a new color 57 Thunderbird – and it almost matches my own 57′s paint job from the 70s & 80′s though mine lacked the graphics details. It is a metallic Turquoise blue with white hardtop. Mine was painted 1969 Corvette LeMans Blue with a White softtop. It’s now Willow Green with a forest green softtop. Thank you, Mattel! Now, Mattel, Lets see if you ever come up with any of the other colors my car has been – Willow Green, Thunderbird Bronze, and a purple . Really, they did a purple in the original Redline colors that about matches but that Thunderbird body style doesn’t quite match.

The new model is in their Cars of the Decades Set and is one of 4 in the Cars of the 50′s Decade and came on the market about two weeks ago. My spouse found one at a Walmart I had not gone to in my searches last week. That model is now shown on my website in the 2011 page and on the HW list. You can find early pictures of my car in the “Thunderbird, Etc…” portion of my website.


Review of the Franklin Mint 1955 Thunderbird

It’s advertised as authentic to 1955 by F.M. however, after inspecting this model, it’s very inaccurate to the year it is supposed to depict. F.M seemed to cut corners when having this model made, using trim and interior pieces from their 1956 models. So here’s the list I’ve uncovered of the 1956 trim on this car.
Starting with the hardtop, I will say that at least the color is correct for the car as it’s black, matching the black body. However it’s missing the Ford Crest emblem on the sides used on 55 tbirds, making it appear to be a 1956 Non-porthole hardtop which had no emblem at all.
When the hardtop is removed, the holes where the hardtop aligns on the body should have chrome hardware surrounds. Missing on this model.

Then we get on to the obvious windwings and sun visors which it should not have as Ford didn’t put those on the Tbird until the 1956 model year.
Less obvious on the outside is the rear tail lights. The taillight chrome style used the 1956 taillight indicated by the little circle at the top of the taillight which was not there on 1955 taillights. It is on this one though. At least the little circle didn’t get painted red.
I found it curious that the “doughnuts” on the bumper had the “hole” for the exhaust filled in and painted black. If the engine ran in this little car, it wouldn’t run for long.
The dash shows that there is a radio in the car, yet the antenna is clearly missing on the front right fender. Compare that to the Danbury Mint models which include the antenna AND even allow you to put the antenna up!
Look again in the interior and the wrong steering wheel is installed – it’s a ’56 3-spoke steering wheel instead of the correct ’55 2-spoke steering wheel.
While you’re looking at the interior, notice the seat covers. The white inserts meet in the middle top which is indicative of 1956 seat covers, not the ’55. The white inserts should be totally separated from each other to be correct.
Now, get under the hood. It does lift up nicely but the battery has been switched! It’s a 12 volt battery which Ford used on the 1956 models but not the 6 volt which it should have.
Note to FM: If you’re going to do an “authentic” model, consult the experts for that model. Contact Classic Thunderbird Club International for consultation on your classic tbird models. You may also check my website but I do have photos where items on these tbirds have been changed so it’s better to contact me personnally or contact some of the major restorers of these cars or contact CTCI when you’re doing an “authentic” model 55-57 Thunderbird.

Overall, the model is not worth the current retail price as it doesn’t meet “authentic” standards that many collectors go by. I’m disappointed as it’s the first 55 model Thunderbird that F.M. has done and I was expecting it to at least match in quality the Danbury Mint models, especially in that price range.

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Adding pages to site

Working on a couple of new pages for the site. One will be on pewter models. The other will be an explanation of these lists in hopes that you’ll be able to use them better. Have loaded this latter page already. Link is on the homepage for the models near the top left. There will be updates to the “Use” page as it’s just starting out.

Will also be doing some changes to the looks of the lists. The first one I’m working on is the 1955 A-H List. First part has been done and loaded, consolidating the Manufacturer/Brand column so it’s easier to read. Next will be the color phase.


Some Rt 66 Memorabilia

This last spring was up in Guthrie, OK and stopped in a Love’s Truck Stop. Always browse the merchandise available and found several Rt 66 items that featured a red 55 Tbird. One was a deck of cards that uses graphics I’ve seen on other Rt 66 items in the past but the other two were items I haven’t seen before. One is Snow Globe with a red 55 inside the globe along with a “Burger” sign. Outside on the base, were more 3-D objects including another red 55, the top of an old gas pump, more signs and a road. The other item was a table top picture frame also with a red 55 and a route 66 theme in 3-D.

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Matchbox release

This past month, Matchbox released a 5 pack in the cartoon series, Mickey Mouse Club House. It contains a green with white interior 1957 Thunderbird with Mickey Mouse Club House graphics. Since its newly released, it may take a month or so to reach all markets.


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