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1955, 1956, 1957 Ford Thunderbirds
Classic Thunderbird Diecast Models and Memorabilia

2006 Hot Wheels 57 T-bird Clicking on this diecast will always bring u 2 homepage

Concept, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005
Ford Thunderbird 
Diecast Lists and Articles.
New Thunderbird Memorabilia
Classic Ford Thunderbird Collectibles
'55 to '57 Diecasts, etc...
Articles Lists Links
covering T-birds released since 1954 - Not for sale.
Lists by year and manufacturer plus Articles about some of the major Models made by some of those manufacturers such as Corgi, Mattel's Hot Wheels,  Brooklin, Racing Champions, and Matchbox
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Collectible Lists
Diecast Classic Thunderbird Models released in:
|3 listed for 2018 | 1 listed for 2019
| 4 listed for 2017 | 8 listed for 2016   | 2015 | 2014
   | 20132012 | 2011 | 2010 | 2009 |2008 | 2007  2006 | 2005| 2004   | 2003 | 2002 | 2001 | 2000| 1999
. Diecast T-bird Model Lists  ~ listed by manufacturer or Brand
lists: | 1955A-H | 1955 I-M | 1955 N-Z & ?? |
lists: | 1956A-F | 1956G-J1956K-N | 1956O-Z & ?? |
lists: | 1957 A-H |1957 I-R | 1957 S-??
Model Kit List  1955 1956 1957
Hot Wheels List 1956 & 1957  updated 
MatchBox List 1957
Weblog for Thunderbird Diecasts: discontinued for now

DiecastTbirdNewsletter: for the Classic and new Thunderbird collector,  current t-bird diecast & memorabilia news thru email.

Collecting more than Diecasts? This is a list of memorabilia commemorating the 55, 56 and 57 Thunderbird that have been found on the market.  Photos included when possible.
site updates - click here Ceramic Listings - Plates, Mugs, Glassware
more to come
Scale information

Scales will be corrected on the lists as I have the time for it.
Mattel's Hot Wheels
Article Added for 2009
+ HW list to 2011 UPDATED!
Articles covering the Mattel Hot Wheels classic T-bird models from 1968 to the 2009 
AVON Covering the Avon models from 1974 to present
Corgi Photos, list and short history of the Corgi 1957 Thunderbird
MatchBox and Dinky Photos and history of the Matchbox Thunderbird plus the Dinky models - 3 pages. 
Racing Champions The short history of the 1956 RC model.
Micro Minis 1/84 or smaller; photos and descriptions.
Brooklin List of Brooklin Thunderbirds with photos
BattleBird Some photos of the real "Battlebird" and it's scale models.
Maisto Some of the Maisto releases
Christmas Ornaments photos of the various classic T-birds made specifically as ornaments.  updated 2017
Pewter Pewter models of the 55 and 56 Thunderbird
Offsite Diecast Links for more information
Promo Heaven Covering the original Promo models by AMT from 1955-57 - photos
Tbird UK's Roost 55-97 Thunderbird, 1/32 or smaller
Thunderbird Juniors History & info on Power Car Company
AMT History beginnings of Aluminum Model Toys
AMT  history history thru the years of AMT
Pure Micros Micro scale model collector's "museum"
M2Museum Micro Machines model lists
Summer Toys Diecast article about Summer diecast by Doug Beithrupt
Summer Toys Follow up article about Summer diecast by Steve Masson
Predicta Project Website on the Monogram Predicta Thunderbird - very extensive detailed information
Kiko Toys Listing of  Kiko models including the Thunderbird
Other Offsite Diecast Links
Tales of Toy Cars Webzine
Matchbox Collectors Forum
Matchbox collectors ~ Europe
HotWheels Collectors Forum
1/87th Scale
French Majorette Club : catalogs back to 1969
Johnny Lightning:  lists of White Lightning models
toynutz.com : Diecast toy link with manufacturer lists
Southwest Diecast : Texas HW Club plus extensive list of hotwheels
Guide to Collecting Toy Autos:  Suggested by the Boy Scouts from Seattle, WA

Retail diecast outlets - use at your own risk.

Asheville Diecast ~ carries new  1/43 to 1/18 scale models
Exotic Car ~ carries new 1/24, 1/18 scale models
Wheat's Nostalgia ~ source for old promos, old model kits
Diecast Country ~ carries new 1/24, 1/18 scale models
Thortek ~ carries new ~ 1/43 to 1/18 scale models
Collectible Diecast ~ 1/24, 1/18 scale models
Diecast & Decals ~ custom decals if you're repainting
Diecast Fever ~ various Thunderbird models
Fairfield Mint ~ several Thunderbird models, sometimes carry exclusives
mDiecast ~ search on "Thunderbird" for list of Thunderbird scale models, all years.

Retail Memorabilia: use at your own risk.
Greg's Online : various accessories for the early T-bird.
J & O Fabric Store : carries novelty fabrics with cars including thunderbirds
Post-ers.com: posters of 56 T-bird in various colors, other


Concept and 2002  2003 2004 2005
Ford Thunderbird Collectibles
These pages are lists of items & photos found from 1999 to the current time all dealing with the new Ford Thunderbird.   Not for sale.

Places to find these items and new ones on the market:
www.ebay.com, Toy stores, Hobby shops and general Discount Stores such as Walmart, Target.  Models may also be found as seasonal items in grocery stores and in Drug stores, anywhere toys are sold.
Diecast Scale Model 
2002 2003 2004 2005 Thunderbirds
by Manufacturer 
or Brand
2002 2003 2004 2005 
Ford Thunderbird Diecast Models and
Concept Thunderbird Diecast
Lists of the diecast, plastic, etc...scale models of the 2002. 2003, and 2004 2005 T-bird and the Concept Thunderbird
2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 Ford Thunderbird Collectibles
 Memorabilia from
1999 thru current
Press kits, posters, etc...
posters, calendars, brochures, etc...
Advertising Collectibles
T-birds as Billboards Collection of photos of new Thunderbirds used for advertising.
T-birds in Advertising Magazine ads using the 2002, 2003, and 2004 2005 Thunderbird
Magazines  thru 2001 with pictures and articles about the concept & new tbird
Magazines  from 2001 thru 2003 with pictures and articles about the new tbird
Magazines ~ current with pictures and articles about the new t-bird

1956 and 1957 Continental Mark II
The Continental division was a separate division of Ford Motor Company from 1953-1958 then was merged into the Lincoln Division. The Mark II is not considered a Lincoln by Mark II owners. It's formal name is Continental Mark II with no "Lincoln" attached to the front.
Scale models of the Continental Mark II

Wanted: Someone to pick up where YatMing left off in producing a 1/64 scale model of the 1956/1957 Continental Mark II; It's only been made in one color.

1957 Ford Station Wagon and Ranchero
Scale Models of the 57 Ford Station Wagon

About these lists & Me:
I've been collecting classic Thunderbird models since 1966 though not seriously until about 1983.  I've been cataloging my finds since 1985.  Most of the year dates you see associated with a model were when they were found new on the market.  Dates earlier than 1983 are guesstimates or dates noted in other publications or dates on the models themselves.

I've had an interest in the Classic T-bird since they first came out in 1954 though my very first T-bird model was a kit that I gave my husband when we first married.  My youngest sister eventually passed her childhood T-bird tootsietoy to me, devoid of all but a few spots of red paint and with a broken piller but it's treasured as the more pristine models are.

I've been a member of Classic Thunderbird Club International (CTCI) since 1974. I've been in contact with other T-bird collectors from around the states and Europe thru CTCI and my local club connections.  The internet has increased my abilities to communicate with other collectors and a network has developed. The internet was in full swing when the 1999 concept Thunderbird was introduced so have been able to keep up with models introduced for that car and the production car.

Resources used for the Retrobird pages have included Ford news releases, Ford's websites during the time of introduction of the Thunderbird (security wasn't in place on a lot of their pages & sites during that time),  Ford brochures for customers and Ford dealers, picked up from dealers themselves or eBay.com, plus some inside info when someone was willing to leak info, usually with Ford appearing to "look the other way" when it occured; nothing ever sensitive was released even that way.

The listings here are not totally complete but I am constantly working to improve that.  The past few years have found me working on the New Thunderbird site but I'm back to giving more time to these collections lists.  The move to this site has helped quite a bit.  If you have questions or information, let me know thru my contact page or my weblog

Manufacturers or Distributors of Thunderbirds:
AutoWorld ~ Ertl Collectibles ~ Round 2 (new company)
AutoWorldStore - outlet for AutoWorld
Cararama:  Czechoslovakia  part of Hongwell Toy Limited, China
Crown Premiums
Danbury Mint
Durham Classics
Franklin Mint
Gasser Models
Hendrix Resin Kits
High Speed 
Johnny Lightning
Mattel Hot Wheels
Mattel / Matchbox
Miller Engineering: Signs etc for the railroad hobbyist
MotorMax (new link)
Muscle Machines
Oxford Diecasts
RC2: company incorporating several familiar diecast brands including Johnny Lightnings, AMT, ERTL, the former Racing Champions, & American Muscle, have sold their AMT model kit and ERTL Collectibles lines to Auto World, 2009.
Summer Metals, Inc.
SunnySide Limited
Unique Replicas
Yat Ming ?  on the way out?

. . .

Please come back soon and visit as I love to change and add.

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