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Private Museum Tour -
for your stereo viewing pleasure.


On Saturday & Sunday at the Wichita Regional, we were able to visit a private auto museum with many antique autos rarely seen today.  I'll have a page of photos set up that are just your routine standard images BUT I enjoy viewing pictures in 3-dimensions - Stereos!  so some of my pictures of the cars were taken in a stereo fashion.  REad the following for viewing the stereo pages..  Each page is about 120K and contain all 5 autos shown below.

Click here for Instructions for free-viewing the stereo pages.

For some 3 dimensional fun, these photos were also taken in stereo.  There are several ways to view stereo photos, one of which is with a "stereo opticon" - an old-fashioned Victorian viewer that gives depth to the special pairs of photos.  Since most people don't have access to one of those viewers, there are a couple of techniques that have evolved that use "free-viewing" - viewing without a special device - just using your eyes and different focal points.
I've set up the following photos in several different ways

  1. Click on individual photos below to view a larger version - no special viewing techniques involved
  2. Click on "Parallel" for viewing same photos on next page with parallel technique
  3. Click on "Crossed Eye" for viewing same photos on next page  with x-eye technique
Are you confused?
Alpha Romeo Mercedes Benz Bugatti

"Powered Trike" Motorcycle with sidecar

A Line of Dot's