4W6Z 7603606 AAA

by DavidA

I paid $210 for it, (list was well over $300), but worth every penny. It took me about 45 minuted to install it because it needed some modifications. There is an extra clip (cut the middle clip off. I left it long enough so it pressed against the metal header) that had to be cut off and the wiring harness needed to be re-done since the plug in the back of the mirror doesn't ft the socket in the new moulding.

Wiring :
You do have to cut the harnesses. I didn't splice the wires, I put on 3 separate disconnects so the panel can be easily removed.
The two wires that are close together are hot and ground -- and the one a bit isolated in the harness is the one that runs the interior light with the doors.

Wiring codes:

Orange on car to Green on Unit
Black/Blue on car to Black on unit
Brown/Blue on car to Grey on unit

When using the type of plugs I used, make sure the female ends are on the car, NOT on the unit. This will avoid any chance of blowing a fuse when and if the unit has to be removed for any reason.

The whole job shouldn't take more than 1/2 hr. Good Luck.

Programming HomeLink to the garage door opener:
Rolling Code: if you have a "rolling code" system, like most of the newer systems, it's a little different. You need to press the 'set-up' button on your opener (at the motor), then while it's flashing, you press one of the buttons on the car about 3 or 4 times in a row. That sets the code. It took me a while because I thought you press it twice or 3 times, but it took the fourth time foe mine to work. The car needs to be close to the motor when you do this one.
Standard Sys: You set up the Homelink by holding in the two outer buttons until the led flashes rapidly. That erases any previous codes.

Away from your garage door, press your opener (close to the homelink) and hold in any button on the Homelink until the led flashes rapidly. That button is now set.
www.homelink.com/program/hlmanual.pdf (complete Homelink instructions)
Self-dimming mirror: There is not an ignition controlled hot wire in the windshield header. I used a "little fuse" add a wire (available at auto supply stores - I got mine at "Auto Zone") and used the fuse panel at the kick panel on the passenger side. Fuse #15 is unused and can be used to add the "little fuse". Run the wire up inside the windshield moulding to the header moulding and down through the existing wire to the 'Bird's Map light mirror.
Removing the mirror: you have to push in on the bottom with a screwdriver to release it while you pull up and remove it; the glass company had to use a small hammer to knock it loose.

Photos with help:

Set up instructions from Homelink: