The following are jpeg files ready to be downloaded, saved to a file.  
If you're having a business print the calendar for you, then they may 
be copied to a floppy or CD - it will take 2 floppies to handle all the 
photos or 1 CD. 
For Windows users:       
Right click on the photo and select "save target as"

You may substitute a photo if you have one you'd prefer.  All the photos are in "landscape" for printing purposes.  They are sized and labeled so that you may take the files on a CD or floppy disk to an Office Supply place that will copy them to a calendar for you.  I know that Staples offers this service and there are probably others.  There are 13 photos - a cover and the 12 months.  All file names are labeled for the month they represent but you may switch if you like.

The photos print size is 11"x8.5" at 150dpi - standard paper size if you plan to print them yourself but then you won't have a monthly calendar unless you have a calendar making program.  If you're using Windows XP, you might want to use their "print photos" program on the left side of your computer window when you're looking at the files on your computer.

These files are for you own personal use, not to be copied and sold.


If you plan to keep this calendar in your collection, please put the copyright on the back of the last page for your future reference.
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