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Current Memorabilia 

N.F.S.  No item listed on this page is for sale - this is for your information only.

Where to find:  from your Ford dealer,  www.ebay.com, retail stores.    Also watch for local ads, contests

Be on the lookout for any new items.  Watch the magazines for ads using the car.  Please let me know when you have found something new related to this car. 

Click on photos or highlighted text  to view  photos New additions - highlighted with white background
Memorabilia started being issued for this auto in 1999 at the January Detroit Auto Show.
To see what has been issued since 1999 , visit the Concept Memorabilia page and 2001 "stuff" & 2002-2003
2007 Rubber Stamp
2002-2005 convertible rubber stamp -  sandrae650 on ebay
2007 Food
Cookies in Box with Thunderbird and Mustang graphics;  Retrobird has been added to this cookie box that has been around since the mid-90s.
2007 Blanket 2002-2005 Blanket in Red/Black - exclusive to http://www.tbirdroadster.com/  This is the company that had a poll last fall to decide on designs to use.
2006 Artwork Ford is offering Artwork from some of their ads - sizes range up to mural size -from 9"x12" up to 44"x60"
2006 Ink Pen Rosewood pen with engraved Thunderbird emblem  found on Thunderbird Concepts website http://www.thunderbirdconcepts.com/pen.htm
2005 Diecast Getty & LuxOil Truck & trailer sets including a 55 T-bird diecast with 2005 50th Anniversary graphics printed on truck, trailer and inside of trailer sides, including a red 2005 T-bird.  Promo at GEtty and LuxOil locations in the NorthEastern USA.
2005 Calendar 2006 Calendar with lots of Ford photos of the new Thunderbird; 02 yellow is on the cover. by theTimeFactory
2005 Game Monopoly - 50th Anniversary of the Thunderbird with new tbird pictured on board and money
200? ART prints 2002 pen & ink drawings by Gary E. Geivett
2005 Knife a knife celebrating 50th Anniversary of the Thunderbird with blue 55 on one side of handle and yellow 02 or 05? on the other side. comes in tin with two T-bird emblem hat pins.  manufactured by United Cutlery Brands
2005 Catalog Draper's & Damon's Summer clothing catalog - yellow on cover and pages 2, 3 & 7
2005 Art Wood intarsia for the 2002-2005 and the 1955-1957 Tbirds
2005 Lighter Zippo lighter with black 2005 Thunderbird and red 55 and "50th Anniversary Ford Thunderbird graphic
2004 pencil topper Fab1 pencil topper - from cereal box, distributed England - approx 3" long
2004 diecast FAB1 1/64th diecast, collector card, distributed in England
2004 Brochure Ford of Canada - 2005 car/truck brochure; thunderbird on page 6
2004 Calendar Ford dealer 2005 calendar - October shows 2005 Bronze t-bird; cover shows white Ford GT
2004 Press literature  2005 Product Information  guide for Ford, Mercury, Lincoln models - short summaries of each model including 4 pages for the Thunderbird with pictures.   Wire bound inside cover; includes CD
2004 Binder 2005 Ford Car Source book with information on all Ford car models including a section for the 2005 Ford Thunderbird
2004 Calendar
 - yellow 02 for the month of April - "Dream Cars" 2005 calendar by DateWorks, American Greetings Corp.
2004 2005 special edition press kit
On November 5 at Wixom and on November 17 in Miami, the participants invited to the view the unveiling of the 2005 special edition were given:
1-  50th anniversary press kit including CD, press printouts, in folder 
2- Special Edition card with exclusive features listed  on the backside and 2005 special edition on front. 

3-A 50th anniversary poster ('55 tire to tire with an upside down '05, or vice versa).
4-reprint of a 1955 pamphlet with black, red and thunderbird blue graphics
5- diecast car left over from the Thunderbird collection sets
6- book ends left over from the Thunderbird collection sets
2004 oversize postcard
Invitation to the Miami presentation of the 2005 special edition Thunderbird on November 17, 2004
2004 pamphlet
Sam's Club Auto Buying Program quarterly pamphlet has small red t-bird on cover
2004 oversize PostCard
advertising a show 'n shine in Birmingham, MI - Thunderbird emblem graphics - Cruisin' Legends - Mustang & Ford, August 20, 2004
2004 Postcard
Pennsylvania Travel Guide postcard with red 02 sporting a hard tonneau cover
2004 Flyer
Fordcollection flyer advertising their website - DSB 03 and buckskin tan 56 on one side
2004 t-shirt
black and white drawing of 02 T-bird with hydraulics.
2004 Book The Story of Ford Thunderbirds by David K Wright, published 2002 by Gareth Stevens Publishing; small book with photos of the various body styles thru the years ending with a yellow 02. 24 pages - 8"x8"
2004 Book Thunderbird Fifty Years by Alan Tast, photos by David Newhardt 192 pages - last chapter on 2002-2005 Thunderbird
2004 50th Anniversary merchandise From Ford  - Teddy Bear with black jacket and 50th anniversary logo on back; lapel pin; coffee mug; pen; key chain;
2004 50th Anniversary Clothing From Ford - Polo shirt and sweatshirt - cream with 50th anniversary logo; T-shirt with Teal 02 and 1955 graphics; cap
2004 2005 Brochure
From Ford of Canada - 3 fold Sales brochure - front and back - color samples of body color and interior
2004 2005 Brochure released September - Auto Show brochure for the 2005 Thunderbird
2004 2005 Brochure
Ford dealer sales brochure - released late August; 11"x8" - Bronze on cover; 50th Anniversary 2005 Thunderbird brochure
2004 Radio Radio/phonograph/CD player - in JC Penny's catalog - tan and cream
2004 Radio Radio/CD player - from Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog - "Thunderbird" script on top; radio in colors of "Thunderbird Blue" or "Willow Green" -- also found in JC Penny's catalog in colorrs of green, silver, red and black.
2004 Shirt partial "nose" of bronze 05 T-bird on red and black background with 2 other cars.
2003 DVD Rides - Covers Chip Foose's transformation of a yellow 02 into his custom T-bird - Speedbird.
2004 Calendar 2005 Sports Car calendar - VMG for one month
2004 Magazine @ Ford - article on Thunderbirds movie vehicle FAB 1 - page 11 plus poster
2004 Calendar
2005 Dream Cars; red on cover and  December page. All photos in calendar with lovely female models.  #1853 by Norwood - Triumph Calendars
2004  T-shirt T-shirt with red concept T-bird stylized, or silver 04 T-bird stylized.  speednation.com
2004 Brochure Canadian 2004 Ford Thunderbird  brochure CT04-01 only includes photo-graphics of the silver, black and vintage mint green & interior shot of sand interior.  Cover shows merlot nose.
2004 T-shirt T-shirt with flag and yellow 02
2004 Book For Thunderbirds the Movie - faux leather covered book with photos from the movie, in white "fur" lined pink box.
2004 Promo Kit
For Thunderbirds the Movie - includes photo CD with the custom FAB1 Thunderbird AND a bright pink 03 Ford Thunderbird
2004 ads photo on Duragloss "clear coat polish" - black 
2004 Brochure 2004 Ford Thunderbird brochure - "effective 03/01/04" - shows the silver blue #04-TBRCAT
2004 Movie  DVD & video - Cat in the Hat - released March 16, 2004 - lots of footage of a yellow 02
2004 art poster
framed art poster with white 02 plus other car - Koolart Classic in graffitti style artwork
2004 Poster 22x26 Koolart Classic 50 - with numerous graffitti style artwork cars includ white 02 in upper right corner and red 04 at side middle
2003 Calendar Galpin Ford's 2004 Calendar - March has customized "Barris" Thunderbird and also on cover
2004 Book
Standard Catalog of® Thunderbird 1955-2004 - by John Gunnell 
2004 Ad card Red 04 with reflection of red 04 - 8.5x11 - backside is blank -  from press kit??
2004 Brochure Canadian all-Ford autos brochure includes silver Thunderbird on pages 10-11
2004 Banner
2' x 5' vinyl banner displayed outside of some Jack in the box businesses during contest promotion - has 2003 red thunderbird on one side
2004 Plastic Cup
Small picture of 2004 red t-bird for Jack In the Box fast food chain promotional contest - January -February 2004
2004 Poster
Large window poster for the Jack in the Box fast food chain - 2 parts - Red 2004 T-bird with "Jack" driving.
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More photos will be added when the site changes are completed
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