Ford Motor Company is transforming downtown Birmingham into "Ford
      Cruisin' Legends" for the Woodward Dream Cruise - with displays from
      Ford, Lincoln Mercury, Ford Racing, SVT, Saleen, Roush, Mobility
      Motoring, Hard Rock Cafe's "50 Years of Rock" Mobile Tour, Harley
      Davidson, and a first-time Ford Cruisin' Concours.
      Ford Cruisin' Legends Park celebrates fast cars and great music -
      marking the 40th anniversary of the Ford Mustang, the 50th
      anniversary of the Ford Thunderbird and the 50th anniversary of rock
      'n' roll music.
      Ford announces the schedule of events, celebrations and appearances
      planned for Cruisin' Legends - including classic rock 'n' roll bands
      provided by the Hard Rock Cafe.

DEARBORN, MI, July 23, 2004 - Ford Motor Company is transforming
Birmingham's Shain Park into Ford Cruisin' Legends Park for the Woodward
Dream Cruise, including a dance card full of some first-time events
celebrating two touchstones of American culture: fast cars and great music.

People who want to paint the town during the Dream Cruise can visit
Cruisin' Legends to steep themselves in the glory days when muscle cars
were on the road, and rock was on the radio.

"We're celebrating the 40th anniversary of America's quintessential muscle
car, the Ford Mustang, the 50th anniversary of America's prototypical
"cruisin'" car, the Ford Thunderbird,' said Jim O'Connor, group vice
president, Marketing, Sales & Service. "Add to that the 50th anniversary of
rock 'n' roll music, and our partnership with Hard Rock Cafe, and we've got
the best ticket in town for enthusiasts of classic cars and great music."

Friday, August 20

Ford World Headquarters Dream Cruise Kick-off - Employees and Ford car club
enthusiasts are invited to display their classic cruisers in the front
parking lot of the Ford World Headquarters building on the morning of
Friday, August 20. Employees from the Dearborn-area will be welcomed to
enjoy the car show as Ford Motor Company kicks-off the Dream Cruise in its
hometown. Around noon, employees can watch a parade of classics leave the
World Headquarters parking lot to cruise up Woodward, celebrating Ford's
history of cruisin' legends.

Ford's Charity Celebration - Ford will bring music legends Wilson Pickett,
Bad Company's Paul Rogers and Morris Day & The Time for an exclusive
charity celebration in downtown Birmingham from 6-11 p.m. Ticket purchasers
will be able to enjoy Ford's great classic cars, concept cars, Ford
Cruisin' Legends Park, the "History of Rock" from Hard Rock Cafe and live
entertainment while supporting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
For the Charity Celebration reservation information or to purchase
reservations, please call 248-827-3015. Tickets are $175, and Ford will
donate the net proceeds from the Friday celebration to the Juvenile
Diabetes Research Foundation.

Saturday, August 21

Highlights for Downtown Birmingham:
      For the first time, Ford will host a Ford Cruisin' Legends Concours -
      affording Ford and Lincoln Mercury classic vehicle owners the rare
      opportunity for their vehicles to receive special recognition from a
      select panel of judges chaired by Peter Horbury, executive director,
      North American Design, Ford Motor Company. Award categories include:
      Chairman's Choice - Best of Show, Children's Choice, Best SVT
      Vehicle, Best Hot Rod, Best Custom, Best Classic, Best Ford Vehicle,
      Best Lincoln Mercury Vehicle. For additional information about the
      contest, send an email to: The concours will take
      place on Saturday, August 21 at 11 a.m.

      Visitors to the Ford Division Pavilion of Cruisin' Legends Park will
      be able to get up close and personal with Ford's famous "Trilogy"
      display - which includes the 2005 Ford GT super car, the 2005 Mustang
      GT and the 2005 Shelby Cobra.
      Entertainment at the Ford Division Pavilion will include the Randy
      Bachman Band, Twin Pigs, The Beat Club and a children's favorite, The

      The Hard Rock Cafe's "50 Years of Rock" Mobile Tour - which marks the
      50th anniversary of rock 'n' roll music - commemorated by the
      recording of Elvis Presley's "That's All Right" at the legendary Sun
      Studio in Memphis, Tennessee on July 5, 1954. The exhibit will take
      fans through a journey, combining a retrospective look at rock 'n'
      roll with the Hard Rock experience - complete with legendary pieces
      of memorabilia from the past several decades of rock.

      The Ford Mustang 40-city tour will make a stop at Cruisin' Legends,
      starring a 2005 Ford Mustang GT. Ford's Special Vehicle Team (SVT)
      and Ford Racing will also have displays.

      The Ford Experience Tour features Ford concepts and new vehicles,
      such as the Ford Five Hundred and the Ford Freestyle. Lucky winners
      at the Ford Trivia Challenge will receive prizes. All pedestrians and
      cruisers are welcome to visit, enjoy the music and receive a free
      Mustang poster.

      Lincoln Mercury classics and concepts will be on display throughout
      the weekend at the Lincoln Mercury Lounge, located in the Townsend
      Hotel Ballroom - with a backdrop of cool jazz from the Ellie Epstein

      Hog Heaven, located in front of Birmingham City Hall, will showcase
      Ford Motor Company concept trucks and incredible Harley Davidson
      motorcycles throughout the weekend.

      Ford's commitment to people with disabilities extends to the Cruisin'
      Legends festivities with the Ford Cruisin' Mobility display. Ford
      Mobility Motoring will have on hand a modified F-150, a Focus rally
      simulator and Cruisin with Kids Tent. The interactive Focus Simulator
      is equipped with hand control that provides the user an authentic
      driving experience for people with special transportation needs. The
      modified F-150 equipped with turn out seats, hand controls and All
      Terrain Vehicle will demonstrate the people with disabilities can go
      anywhere at anytime.

      The Metro Detroit Ford Dealers Family Fun Area will be located in
      Ford Cruisin' Legends Park where families can enjoy face painters,
      clowns and other children's activities.

Saturday, Aug. 21 Performance Schedule for Ford Cruisin' Legends Pavilion
 8 a.m. - 11 a.m.  WCSX-FM's Over-Easy Morning Radio Show
 11 a.m. - Noon    Ford Cruisin' Legends Concours Award
 Noon - 6:00 p.m.  WCSX FM's Classic Rock Weekend Special
 Noon - 1 p.m.     The Candyband
 1 p.m. - 1:45     Ford Experience Trailer Trivia Challenge
 p.m.              No. 1
 1:45 p.m. - 3:15  Twin Pigs
 3:15 p.m. - 4:15  Ford Experience Trailer Trivia Challenge
 p.m.              No. 1
 4:15 p.m. - 5:45  The Beat Club
 5:45 p.m. - 6:30  Ford Experience Trailer Trivia Challenge
 p.m.              No. 3
 6:30 p.m. - 8:00  The Randy Bachman Band

Team Mustang & "Mustang Alley" - Mustang Alley, sponsored by Ford Motor
Company's Team Mustang will include a display of more than 300 classic and
current Mustangs and an aftermarket parts vendor area in Ferndale. Also on
display will be the largest display of yellow Mustangs ever assembled.
Mustang Alley is located on West 9 Mile Road and Woodward in Ferndale. It
will be open from 12:00 - 4:30 p.m. on August 20 and from 5:00 a.m. - 10:00
p.m. on August 21.

Mustang Milestones

Mustang has become an icon of American culture, thanks to 40 years of
innovative design and affordable performance:
      The very first Mustang - the 1962 Mustang I Concept - was a two-seat,
      mid-engine sports car whose name was a tribute to the legendary North
      American P51 Mustang fighter plane from World War II. It made its
      debut in October of that year at the United States Grand Prix at
      Watkins Glen, New York.
      The world debut of Mustang occurred at the World's Fair in Flushing
      Meadows, New York on April 17, 1964. The price at launch: $2,368.
      The first regular production Mustang was a Wimbledon White
      convertible with a 260-cubic inch V-8 that rolled off the assembly
      line on March 9, 1964. The original car is now on display at the
      Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Mich.
      Mustang sales exceeded even Ford's most optimistic projections. At
      the car's launch, the company expected annual sales of about 100,000
      units. But 22,000 Mustang orders were taken on the first day, and
      sales reached an astounding 417,000 in car's first 12 months.
      Mustang sales reached the one million-mark in 1966. To-date, more
      than eight million have been sold, and it has been the best-selling
      sports car for 17 years straight years.
      Mustangs have figured prominently in the movies, including the James
      Bond films "Goldfinger" and "Diamonds are Forever," "Bullitt,"
      starring Steve McQueen and "Gone in 60 Seconds (both the original
      1974 film and the 2000 remake starring Nicholas Cage).

Thunderbird Milestones
      Since introduction, the flight of the Thunderbird has included
      classic two-seaters, cherished roadsters, convertibles and four-door
      models, as well as exciting hardtops and sedans - more than 1.2
      million of them.
      First public appearance was Feb. 20, 1954, at Detroit's first
      post-war auto show.
      The first 1955 Thunderbird came off the line at Ford Motor Company's
      Dearborn Assembly Plant on Sept. 9, 1954.
      Thunderbird went on sale Oct. 22, 1954 - starting a legend that would
      grow with each generation of Thunderbird cars.
      2002 Ford Thunderbird world debut, January 8, 2001, North American
      International Auto Show, Detroit, Michigan.
      2002 - For the first time in more than 35 years, two American
      convertible icons - the Ford Thunderbird and Ford Mustang - are
      side-by-side in dealer showrooms across America.


Dave Marchand
Mustang/Thunderbird Club Center Coordinator