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First Name :   Kristi 
Suggestions for 2002 Page :   What a wonderful website! I'm so glad Bill gave us the address on the BlueOvalNews bulletinboard. I'm with you - I WANT a Canadian poster with the T-bird blue, to match my car! Thanks for the site! 
First Name :   Jamie 
Suggestions for 2002 Page :   If you have "larger" versions of the White T-Bird photos from your camera, I would love to get the "hi-res" copies. my email is Rest assured, I am using them only for my personal use, not for viewing on the web. Thanks. 
First Name :   Debi 
Suggestions for 2002 Page :   Thanks for the pictures. Good picture of the interior. 
First Name :   Joel 
Suggestions for 2002 Page :   Thank you so much for all of the work you put into this website. I have a Blue one on order with full color interior accents. Thanks again. 
First Name :   Bill 
Suggestions for 2002 Page :   Dot, the new pictures of the Blue look different from the ones from Tulsa. It is going to be interesting to see what the real colors are like with out lighting effects. You run a great web site, keep up the good work. 
First Name :   JIm 
Suggestions for 2002 Page :   No suggestions, just thanks for the site. I'm waiting for mine,(3rd)coming to my dealer. Torch red,full premium pkg, etc.While we're all waiting why don't you show some with different aftermarket wheels since the stock wheels are about the only thing wron 
First Name: :   Dot
Comments: :   follow up on above suggestion: check the fantasy wheel page: and vote for your favorite. 
Date: :   07/01/01 
First Name :   Bill 
Comments :   IF the production grill is plastic, I hjope it is as substancial as it appears in your photos. This should be aluminum, though. 
Date :   7/09/01 
First Name :   John 
Comments :   Nice job.I have a blue one ordered and anxiously await delivery.I have had several offers to buy it . Anyone else? 
Date :   7 10 01 
First Name :   Ash 
Comments :   I love thunderbirds........... but these new styles are just a copy-cat of the new cougars... they are just so ugly......... 
Date :   7-15-01 
First Name :   AL 
Comments :   WOW 
Date :   JULY 20 
First Name :   Loni 
Comments :   I was at a customer's site, DST Industries, Palm Springs, doing my usual job, when I glanced into their warehouse and saw this knockout automobile. A 2002 Black Thunderbird, with silver grey insets on door panel. I was in love instantly. Now, the only que 
Date :   7/21/01 
First Name :   Bill 
Comments :   Mine arrives Aug 6-13. Want to sell it before it arrives. Email me at It's red with all options incl'g hardtop. 
Date :   7/24/01 
First Name :   Jim Pierce 
Comments :   Check out the latest issue of SAE's "Automotive Engineering" magazine for a small product story on the company that makes the removable hard tops for the new T-Bird and the materials and parts that are used for the tops. 
Date :   7/24/01 
First Name :   Ron 
Comments :   Dot, You have done a marvelous job on this website, congratulations! It is a wealth of information, and it just makes my wife and I even more excited while we wait for our delivery (Torch Red). Thank you for your efforts. Ron and Karen Adams 
Date :   July 26, 2001 
First Name :   chuck 
Comments :   any ideas for a vanity plate for the new t-bird for the state of ohio? 
Date :   7-26-01 
First Name :   Marc 
Comments :   nice site-- our company makes the lighting for the bird, and we do so with pride... has been very evident how far Ford is striving for maximum vehicle quality... impressive 
Date :   7/28/01 
First Name :   Dave 
Comments :   Great site How many birds are going to be produced? 
Date :   7/28/01 
First Name :   Ralph 
Comments :   Great job on the site! I have a gorgeous '57 Thunderbird bronze bird to sell so I can order the blue 2002 bird. Any suggestions? I live in the Orlando FL area. 
Date :   July 27, 2001 
First Name :   Eric 
Comments :   Your site is great, tons of T-Bird Pics, and info 
Date :
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