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First Name :   Sally
Date :   04/08/2004
Comment 1 :   Just dropped in to say HI to all momentarilly displaced TBN members! (redbirdsal)
First Name :   David
Date :   4-06-04
Comment 1 :   Great Site Lots of good info THANKS
First Name :   Ralph from Alaska
Date :   4-6-04
Comment 1 :   LOVE the Thunderbird Have 2002 Black # 10061 and P.C.R. 2004 # 51 owned a lot of cars but none of them comes close to the Thunderbird
Comment 2 :   Enjoy your web site.
First Name :   Dot
Date :   04/06/04
Comment 1 :   Phil, Check with the car rental agencies in the Atlanta area and let them know what you want. they may be able to find one for you.
First Name :   Phil
Date :   4/6/2004
Comment 1 :   Hello! I have a problem and was looking for some help. I am best man in a wedding on June 12, 2004. The Bride and Groom, Ray and Kristi, have a dream to ride of in a new body style white Ford Thunderbird Convertable. We live in Atlanta and I can not find
Comment 2 :
First Name :   Charles
Date :   04/05/2004
Comment 1 :   Just purchased an 02 from North Carolina (with only 2900 original miles & fully loaded). Drove back to Omaha last weekend (1300 miles). Excellent power, OK gas milage, very smooth and quiet ride (with the hardtop on). At this point, Im impressed. Now my t
Comment 2 :   Enjoy your web page alot! Thanks!
First Name :   Bob
Date :   4/5/04
Comment 1 :   Very nice site. I have a 2003 MSG. Hoping for warm weather in Chicago.
Comment 2 :
First Name :   Dot
Date :   04/05/04
Comment 1 :   Thanks, Cynthia. I envy you getting to use the PC Hwy with your new PCR. enjoy! :)
First Name :   Cynthia
Date :   04/03/04
Comment 1 :   Hello Dot! All the the info you had listed on the PCR TBird was correct! Thank You!
Comment 2 :   This enabled me to order my PCR the Ford Dealership here didnt even have a clue until I showed them your website! Thanks Again! Its a beautiful car! Even drove it down the Pacific Coast Hwy 1 as its maiden voyage!
First Name :   irv
Date :   03/29/03
Comment 1 :   just purchased a whisper white Premium 2003...
Comment 2 :
First Name :   Dot
Date :   03/27/04
Comment 1 :   Wayne, I also use Bob Parkers Complete Book of Hot Wheels. It tends to list more variations than show up in the Tomarts Guide.
Comment 2 :   Price varies on your model, depending on the color and where its made.
First Name :   Dot
Date :   03/27/04
Comment 1 :   Wayne, Price lists can be found in Tomarts Price Guide to Hot Wheels - check your library or local book store - Its a popular Hot Wheels Guide and gets updated about every other year.
Comment 2 :   You also might try looking for one on
First Name :   wayne
Date :   3/27/04
Comment 1 :   I have a 57 T-Bird NO 2013 from 1981 and was wondering what it is worth ? still in the package.+how can I get a price guide or list , thank you .
Comment 2 :
First Name :   Dot
Date :   03/26/04
Comment 1 :   DrDisk - fixed the problem. Thanks for letting me know. hardtop rack. Check this page:
First Name :   Dot
Date :   03-26-04
Comment 1 :   Pam, Do a search on for seat stains. There is a thread that deals with different solutions. Some good, some not so good. Redying is your last resort if unsuccessful at removing stains.
Comment 2 :   Best solution to prevent stains is to put seat covers on. I prefer easy on, easy off covers so the seats can be shown off when not sitting in car. Otherwise, watch what you wear.
First Name :   DRDISK
Date :   3 36 2004
Comment 1 :   Dot, Hi its me john, Drdisk from TBN.. alerting you to a broken link on your site: Cooler by Rubbermaid The Slim cooler #1801 - fits on shelf behind seats. Accessible from front seats. Thank You DR. Disk
First Name :   Pam
Date :   March 25, 2004
Comment 1 :   I have a James Bond 2003 Tbird Need help with white seat cleaning. Dye from suit pants rubbing off onto leather. Thanks
First Name :   Bill
Date :   3/25/04
Comment 1 :   Need help in finding a hardtop rack and cover for my wifes 02 Thunderbird. Bought it used and did not come with one. Any help will be appreciated.
Comment 2 :   E-mail any info to Thank you
First Name :   Donnie
Date :   03/24/04
Comment 1 :   Looking for some T Bird communicators. Love to hear from you. I purchased my whisper white with black and white interior 2003 in may of 2003. Would like to hear from other owners.
Comment 2 :
First Name :   Chris NthVa
Date :   24Mar04
Comment 1 :   I Gave up on the search for a front license plate bracket that doesnt screw through the face of the car.
Comment 2 :   Dot, Im making my own. I just cant put holes in the face of that beautiful Bird.
First Name :   Dot
Date :   03/22/04
Comment 1 :   Yes to purchasing a hardtop after the fact. Your Ford parts dept. can order one but its expensive that way. Try checking out
Comment 2 :   Any year will fit the 03; white or black are the common ones to find on ebay - and saught after as they go with any color. Be sure to buy a complete top, not just the shell.
First Name :   Ken Raymond
Date :   03/22/04
Comment 1 :   Just got a 2003. Can a hardtop be purchased? O, a t-bird Thanks
Comment 2 :
First Name :   jan prusinowski
Date :   3/20/04
Comment 1 :   Our first day of ownership is over , really exciting to a TB owner after waiting since ws 13 yo to own one.
First Name :   Phil
Date :   03/21/2004
Comment 1 :   Proud owner of a 2002 Thunderbird (color is Tbird Blue). Having a blast! So much fun just to go out driving. Your web site is a terrific resource!
First Name :   Dot
Date :   03/18/04
Comment 1 :   Jack, Chris is correct about that boot - however its not as neat looking on the car as the Ford boot. I do have photos of it installed and I can
Comment 2 :   send those to you. My email address is on my contact page.
First Name :   Chris
Date :   Savage
Comment 1 :   Ok one more try: One hundred sixty dollars and ninety cents was cost of soft boot from concepts.
Comment 2 :
First Name :   Chris
Date :   Savage
Comment 1 :   Jack, part of that disappeared: was total cost for Soft Boot.
Comment 2 :   Dot, thanks for the info. I guess Ill have to pay the Ford mark up for the bracket.
First Name :   Chris
Date :   Savage
Comment 1 :   Jack, I recently purchased a soft boot from
Comment 2 :   It was incl tax and ship. Ford wants for theirs. The one I received is very well made.
First Name :   Dot
Date :   03/17/04
Comment 1 :   Chris, There isnt one that I know of - people have looked and been unsuccessful. One person did have one that they made a couple years ago but I didnt keep track of their product and they were hard to reach.
Comment 2 :   Search the TBN or the Thunderbirdforum for threads that may have discussed this bracket.
First Name :   Dot
Date :   03/17/04
Comment 1 :   Jack, keep an eye on ebay for an 02 or an 03 boot. Either one will work and the 03 boot folds up into a smaller package for storing.
Comment 2 :   or visit your Ford dealer and order one from their parts dept. Will probably cost much more than finding one on ebay. Also, check my accessory page for an afermarket company that makes a very soft boot good for traveling.
First Name :   Chris
Date :   16 Mar 04
Comment 1 :   Where can I get a license plate bracket that attaches underneath rather than screws into the front?
Comment 2 :   Im in VA and there is the unfortunate requirement of the front plate.
First Name :   Jack
Date :   3/16/2004
Comment 1 :   Just visited your site. I have 2002 Yellow/Yellow T-Bird. In Irving, TX. Looking for a Boot.
Comment 2 :
First Name :   Dot
Date :   03/15/04
Comment 1 :   Check the TBN for the hardtop scuffing discussions.
First Name :   Donnie Carney
Date :   030904
Comment 1 :   Thank you for all your input, the . com listings are wonderful time saver and you give access to little known information.
Comment 2 :   would like to see a cure for the hard top rattle and sqeaking.
First Name :   Toni
Date :   4-25-04
Comment 1 :   I just bought a 03 torch red bird. It came with the removable hard top that I do not need in S. Florida.My car is garaged. The ford parts dept. in Vero Beach , Fl. wants ,to order one. I will sell mine, (new with rack and cover and garage manual hoi ----On conv hard top below call 1-772-569-7584
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