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First Name :   Dan
Date :   10/2/04
Comment 1 :   Greetings from Gloucester, Massachusetts. U.S.A. freedom has never been free.
First Name :   Harold
Date :   08/10/2004
Comment 1 :   I have a 2003 TBird .. black/black/black. What a fun car.
First Name :   Dot
Date :   7/07/04
Comment 1 :   To RICK M, If you see this, your Select Shift question may be answered on the comparisons page, linked from the 2003 page. (your email was bouncing)
First Name :   Malcolm
Date :   August 4, 2004
Comment 1 :   I have just purchased a 2002 in T-bird Blue w/only 13,330 miles.It has two tone interior & hardtop. The car was traded in for a new Lexus! The hardtop had never been off the car, according to the my salesman the original owner bought for the hardtop porth
First Name :   Dot
Date :   08/03/04
Comment 1 :   Robert, Hardtop weighs about 84#
First Name :   Robert
Date :   8/2/04
Comment 1 :   Very nice site. Found it because I was searching for information (dimensions, weight) on the Hard-top. Just found one for the 2002 I bought my wife and need to get it shipped from Long Island to El Paso, Texas. Great buy for my wifes Inspiration Yellow! 
First Name :   Dot
Date :   8/01/04
Comment 1 :   No, Steve, Theres a hangup but I hope to get it someday.
First Name :   Steve Gierczak
Date :   8-1-04
Comment 1 :   DO you have the text file on the 2004 Thunderbird showing the diffrent color combos?
First Name :   Dot
Date :   7/29/04
Comment 1 :   Joe, Sounds like youre really enjoying your new bird. Thats a lot of cruising youve done in only 2 months!
First Name :   Dot
Date :   7/29/04
Comment 1 :   Steven, If you plan to keep the 57, paint it whatever color you want - ours is willow green but not its original color. If you plan to sell, its best to stay with the original color.
First Name :   Steven
Date :   07-27-04
Comment 1 :   Thanks for valuble info on paint colors I am doing a body off restoration, and would like to paint the car an original color but not the one it had in 57 and im not sure this would be the best thing to do ? 1st time bird owner! Thanks Steven
First Name :   Joe
Date :   7/27/04
Comment 1 :   We bought a new 2003 Tbird on 5/1/04. It has over 6000 miles on it now. We love to drive it. We had a 1957 Tbird when we got married in 1966. Like this one better. It is similar, but more civilized. We still cant believe the reactions people have to it.
First Name :   Dot
Date :   07/25/04
Comment 1 :   Jean, Youre looking at the difference between materials used - leather painted with a flat, supple paint and the gloss paint on the steering wheel & shift knob.
Comment 2 :   This is a question best to ask on a forum such as www dot thunderbirdnest dot com where youll find others that have the white seats too.
First Name :   Jean
Date :   July 24, 2004
Comment 1 :   Were close to buying an 04 with white/black interior, but Im bothered by the lack of color match between the white of the seat and the steering/gear white.
Comment 2 :   Is anyone else bothered? If so, is there anything that can be done? I wondered about a steering wheel wrap that matches the seat? Help please!
First Name :   bob
Date :   july 23, 2004
Comment 1 :   Lots of good info. Thanks
First Name :   Dot
Date :   07/21/04
Comment 1 :   Jim, The highest 2002 vin is 31559. Check in with the TBN and quickdraw and he can research the build date on your car. Yours may have been built on the last day
Comment 2 :   If you can find your sequence number, let me know. send me an email.
First Name :   Douglas Seward
Date :   7/20/04
Comment 1 :   I like your web page. I have a 2003 Desert Sky Blue Bird. I really love it!
First Name :   BillD
Date :   july 19, 04
First Name :   Jim
Date :   07-19-2004
Comment 1 :   Superb website! I know a tremendous amount of research went into putting it together. I have an 02 TB blue thunderbird with blue hardtop. The last 5 of Vin# are 31336 and the driver side door decal indicates completion date of 11-02. Could this be the las
First Name :   Dan
Date :   July 17, 04
Comment 1 :   Interesting site...I hope you can answer my question on the midyear 05..I have one ordered now for production next week...thanks
First Name :   Denny
Date :   7/11/04
Comment 1 :   dot how can i show my parts on your site denny 57004 at HOT CHARIOTS
First Name :   BILL
Date :   7/11/04
First Name :   BILL
Date :   7/11/04
First Name :   Geezer
Date :   July 6, 2004
Comment 1 :   What is Dots website??? See answer below.
Comment 2 :   amazing, astonishing, astounding, fabulous, fantastic, fantastical, incredible, marvelous, miraculous, phenomenal, prodigious,stupendous, unbelievable, wondrous.
First Name :   Martin
Date :   7/6/04
Comment 1 :   Dot, Thanks for all your work on the website. I enjoyed it very much and will get our club members to visit it also. Will check it frequently for updates.
First Name :   Drake
Date :   07/05/04
Comment 1 :   You have a wonderful website. I recently purchased a 2004 Merlot/Lt. Sand Interior to go along with my Black 55. I really enjoy your site. Thanks
First Name :   Geezer
Date :   July 4, 2004
Comment 1 :   This geezer just celebrated the 4th of July by buying American. A platinum work of art. Made geezers wife VERY happy.
First Name :   Felice
Date :   6/28/04
Comment 1 :   Love the site - I have a PCR (#103) and LOVE it! Its my first T-Bird and I hope Im still driving when Im 90.
First Name :   Rick H.
Date :   6/26/04
Comment 1 :   Dot, Your site is really helpful. I go to it a lot for references when looking up information for T-Birds.
Comment 2 :   I am a rare poster to TBN (RickMLC) Mid-Life-Crisis. Thanks
First Name :   Dot
Date :   06/23/04
Comment 1 :   Deborah, Have them check the balancing again. Did you switch tires, too? Are they a different size wheel? thus lower profile tires? Have them double check the inflation of the tires.
Comment 2 :   Tires should be at the recommended 30# or up to max 35# but not more. Any higher than that and youll notice a rough ride. Anyone else is free to comment.
First Name :   Deborah
Date :   6/22/04
Comment 1 :   Just bought a 2004 - had them switch the aluminum wheels for the chrome wheels, they ruined the smooth perfect ride - are the dealer mechanics just stupid or is there a problem with switching the wheels?
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