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First Name :   Gary Beard 
Date :   7-5-2005 
Comment 1 :   Just wanted to thank George and Dorothy for their comments concerning their purchase of thier 2005 Thunder Bird. It was a pleasure selling to them. Gary Beard Bill Jarrett Ford Mercury 
First Name :   Claude 
Date :   070105 
Comment 1 :   Great site. Have been using it since I bought 05 Bird in May. 
First Name :   Michael 
Date :   6/29/05 
Comment 1 :   Very Well Done, answered lots of my questions. I have an 03 Black with Black HT and Black Soft top, with Full Saddle Int. Vin # 106189 
First Name :   Dot 
Date :   06/26/05 
Comment 1 :   July 1 as far as I know. 
First Name :   denny 
Date :   2005 
Comment 1 :   when is the thunderbird ending 

First Name :   Dot 
Date :
Comment 1 :   donl, The 2005 stats are not available yet. 
First Name :   Dot 
Date :   06/16/05 
Comment 1 :   Dolald, look on the Ford & aftermarket accessories pages or visit the TBN and search that site - there are a number of accessories available for the 2002 to 2005 tbirds 
First Name :   dolald land 
Date :   june 16 2005 
Comment 1 :   where do i find accessaries for the 2005 bird after market?thanks 

First Name :   donl 
Date :   june 16 2005 
Comment 1 :   just bought a sky blue 2005 very nice car. 
Comment 2 :   how many 2005 models were built? 
First Name :   Brian 
Date :   06/15/2005 
Comment 1 :   THanks for the cool websight. I have a 2002 inspiration Yellow bird. This car is a keeper! 
First Name :   Patricia 
Date :   June 14, 2005 
Comment 1 :   What outstanding cars. My greatest wish at 17 was to own a brand new 1957 Thunderbird - Torch Red with removable hardtop - but I didnt have the ,200 pricetage :-( I got to test drive it though and still remember it today. Years later, I got to own a 196 
First Name :   Dot 
Date :   06/12/05 
Comment 1 :   Doug, I hope to be able to keep the memorabilia sections up but I do need help when people run across new items as I dont always have the 
Comment 2 :   time to shop or browse the web for new items. 
First Name :   OnlineAutorama.Com 
Date :   
Comment 1 :   I was surfing the search engines for websites to find a cool Automotive HotRod Webring to join and found this site guestbook, I got to say, nice site tho and its easy to nav in. Anyway so I thought Id post a message. I just started a new website for Au 
First Name :   Douglas 
Date :   Rogers 
Comment 1 :   We own a 56 (husband) and 05 (wife). This website is amazing! It has caused me to begin collecting related items! I hope this will be maintained in tribute to the legend of the THUNDERBIRD! 
First Name :   Bob 
Date :   06/05/05 
Comment 1 :   I love it!!!!!!! 
First Name :   Michael 
Date :   6/3/05 
Comment 1 :   Cont..The car is in Ransom Motors in Brandywine MD Sorry, dont have the phone number but it is part of Brandywine Automotive Group. Go get it 
First Name :   michael 
Date :   0603 05 
Comment 1 :   hi i own a 94 lebaron covertible and i was looking around my local parts yard and i found a 90 Chrysler Maserati, light hit in front end, and complete untouched. I have no need for these parts but its a shame for this rare car to sit in the yard and rot i 
First Name :   Rita 
Date :   6/1/05 
Comment 1 :   This is a great resource for T-Bird ... have a 2004 Plantimum. Do you know how many were produced in this color in 04. Thanks 
First Name :   Dawn 
Date :   June 1, 2005 
Comment 1 :   I absolutely love your site ! As a soon-to-be owner of a 2002 Tbird, I have found a wealth of information here. Keep up the good work! 
First Name :   Dave 
Date :   5/30/05 
Comment 1 :   Ive got a Yellow 02.Love it... 
First Name :   Ted 
Date :   05/24/2005 
Comment 1 :   I bought my 05 Torch Red T-Bird on April 6, 2005. It has the Sand interior and soft top. I could have never guessed this would be such a GREAT CRUISING VEHICLE!! 
First Name :   jackie jolley 
Date :   05/24/2005 
Comment 1 :   its not worth your money .please dont buy one if you havent already.i cry everyday because im stuck with this piece of junk.i gave up a corvette for this me ford will not stand behind it. i was told they had done all that they could do.  This 2002 thunderbird is the worst mistake ive ever made in my life.ive had nothing but problems with it and ford does not stand behaind their product.  it has the worst noise when even driving on a smooth sucks. 
First Name :   Sonja Horsak 
Date :   5/22/05 
Comment 1 :   I am deciding right now on trading my huge SUV for the 50th Anniv. TBird I saw last night on the showroom floor! I am blown away by this car. Im not sure how Ill adjust from a monster to a 2 seater. Also, worried about big changes like height, though I am 
First Name :   Dot 
Date :   5/14/05 
Comment 1 :   Scott, by all means, send photos of your conversion. Ill find someway to present them on the site. 
First Name :   Scott 
Date :   May, 13, 2005 
Comment 1 :   I was able to install my hand-controls on my 2005 Thunderbird. I was so happy as I had taken them off of my 1959 Edsel.....maybe you would be interested in my new feat! 
First Name :   Henry & Evelyn HITT 
Date :   05-13-05 
Comment 1 :   Just a word to say its been fun and fascinating to see QUALITY again.... 
First Name :   CHUCK 
Date :   05-05-05 
Comment 2 :
First Name :   Claude 
Date :   5/2/05 
Comment 1 :   Excellent website - learned much about current generation Tbird that I did not know. Helped me greatly with purchase of steel blue 05 bird. 
First Name :   Fred 
Date :   4-28-05 
Comment 1 :   I have enjoyed your site and have become the proud owner of on of the finest creations ever by FORD. Mr. Henry would be very proud. I would rather walk and carry a FORD steering wheel as drive anything else. 
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