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First Name :   Bill
Comments :   Great Site!! I've book marked it for the future. Mine should be here any day now. The dealer gave me the vin #1677 ( Black Premum). Is a shame though that dealers are charging 5 to 10 grand OVER msap. But if you want one, whats a person to do? I notice on
Date :   8/04/2001
First Name :   EDWARD
Comments :   AWESOME CAR
Date :   8/6/01
First Name :   Will
Comments :   Great page on the "New Bird". Where can I Get one? I hear only 5o,oo being made for 2002 model year?
Date :   8-7-01
First Name :   Joe
Comments :   Great site! I ordered mine in April and it should be along any time now. It's not for sale at any price! Why sell a classic?
Date :   08/10/01
First Name :   Howard
Comments :   I'd like to lease. I'd like to know how much is needed for down-payment, and, what would be the $-amount due each month during the lease?
Date :   8/12/01
First Name :   chon
Comments :   what would be the prices on the 2002thunderbirds?
Date :   8-12-01
First Name :   Kenneth
Comments :   You need more information on motor sizes. I see a photo shows a V* and there is a comment that indicates they need a photo of a 3.9 liter. Are they front wheel drive, standard transmission, 3, 4, 5 speed? or did I miss something. It looks a little like th
Date :   August 13, 2001
First Name :
Date :   8/19/01
C1 :   great photos. just saw a yellow stang earlier this week in passing and wanted to see what it really looks like. you've done a super job of showing the new retro stang thanks a million
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First Name :   Melissa
Date :   8/20/2001
C1 :   What a great site! Can you tell me anything about the recall on the T-bird?
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First Name :   Tom W
Date :   8/24
C1 :   I am anxiously awaiting a red one like this one, but with the red and black interior. We have had a vanity license plate on hold for 2 years. (Started out as 2K2BIRD - it has now evolved to 2K2BIRD). I am #2 on the list, and hoping it will be soon. Great 
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First Name :   Tomw
Date :   8/24/01
C1 :   I was so excited, seeing your car, and meant to say our license started off as a Y2KBIRD, but has evolved as a 2K2BIRD. By the way, we received a great "care package" from Ford yesterday (Bookends). Has anyone else received anything from Ford?
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First Name :   TomW
Date :   8/24
C1 :   I was so excited to see the pictures, I meant to say the original license plate we had on hold said: "Y2KBIRD." It has since evolved to 2K2BIRD. (Hopefully, I won't have t change it to 2K3BIRD?)
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First Name :   marty
Date :   09/01/02
C1 :   I took a test drive in the 2002 T-Bird last week.The car was impressive to say the least.Plenty of power,great ride and handling. Now I wait like most for my delivery.
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First Name :   johnny
Date :   9/26/01
C1 :   Very nice, very nice! I wish I could afford one. Maybe in a couple of years if the economy stays stable. Thay's a lot to ask after the pitiful events of earlier this month. My little brother's got a nice old '56 T. He's building a workshop so he can do th
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First Name :   gabe
Date :   9/29/01
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First Name :   jessica
Date :   10-1-01
C1 :   It's nice to see a new thunderbird come along after so long. I wish I could afford one now, but I'll wait patiently until the price becomes affordable for me. By the way my first car was a 1965 T-bird. My mother bought it for me in 1983 when I was 15 yrs.
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First Name :   Tom
Date :   October 7, 2001
C1 :   Thanks for the web page it's helped me to wile away the days while awaiting the delivery of my T-Bird I was born and raised in Dearborn Mi and when I was a kid dreamed of having a T-Bird guess my dream will finally come true
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First Name :   Mike
Date :   10/18/01
C1 :   My Premium "Blue Bird" has been on order for over a year. I'm now next on the list. I should have it in about 6 weeks. Your site answers a lot of questions I had about the car. Thanks for the info.
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First Name :   Beverly
Date :   10/21/01
C1 :   Love uour site! I'm heding out to test drive one soon. I'm in the market for a car, this may be it! Thanks.
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First Name :   Jim W.
Date :   10/22/01
C1 :   Dot: What a fabulous job you've done, it is much appreciated.
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First Name :   Bill
Date :   October 27, 2001
C1 :   Dot: I really enjoy your site. It contains a lot of data not available anywhere else. Iim waiting for delivery of my 2002 yellow bird, serial ****103355 I ordered it to match my 1956 goldenglow yellow bird. Thanks Bill
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First Name :   Richard
Date :   10-30-01
C1 :   I wnat to thank you for having such a great site about the 2002 Bird. You've really lead me to some great places and help me find out more about my car than my dealer has been able to, I now, I might get to ride in it in the next 4 weeks. Thanks for being
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First Name :   Darrel
Date :   Nov. 3/01
C1 :   Looking for a good picture/jpeg/bitmap of the 2002 Thunderbird emblem.
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First Name :   John
Date :   11-11-01
C1 :   Great sight beter than Ford Motor Co. sight. Thank you for providing this view of the new Convertable
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First Name :   Cassandra
Date :   11/19/01
C1 :   4 Sale 2002 T-Bird(Blue)in South FLA.
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First Name :   Ric Torres
Date :   11/20/01
C1 :   Dot, Enjoyed your site. I guess we're family now given my 02 bird. Have a great Thanksgiving.
C2 :   What's the latest on the tonneau?? It seems to lift after driving at higher speeds.
First Name :   Maria
Date :   11/20/01
C1 :   Great Pictures!
C2 :
First Name :   Chuck
Date :   11/28/01
C1 :   Anxiously awaiting arrival of my "bird"- celebrating my 50th birthday and end of paying child support. How much longer must I wait? Vanity plate- "FNDRBRD" translation, Funderbird.
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First Name :   Robert
Date :   12-05-01
C1 :   The first time around Ford destroyed the T-Bird by trying to make it a family car. Keep it as a sports car and the name T-Bird may again mean something.
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First Name :   Frank
Date :   12/05/01
C1 :   Well done! G/F buying T-Bird tomorrow. Thanks will visit many more times.
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First Name :   Stu
Date :   12-08-2001
C1 :   Cool site!! I have a vin# and a lot of excuses for no delivery date.
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First Name :   Jeremy
Date :   January 1, 2002
C1 :   Mom has a '57 so I had to get this one. It is absolutely beautiful--can't wait to take it on a road trip. Happy New Year
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