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First Name :   Jeremy 
Date :   January 1, 2002 
C1 :   Mom has a '57 so I had to get this one. It is absolutely beautiful--can't wait to take it on a road trip. Happy New Year 
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First Name :   Glen 
Date :   1-7-02 
C1 :   Picked up Tbird 1-3, drove 1634 miles, and achieved 26.0 mpg average driving in the 70-75 mph range. Unbelievable! Great auto. 
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First Name :   Wilma 
Date :   01/16/02 
C1 :   Hi Dot, Bob told me to stop by & see what's new. Wow is all I can say, you've done a great job again! 
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First Name :   Clarke Hamm 
Date :   1-23-02 
C1 :   Great 
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First Name :   gary 
Date :   1/24/02 
C1 :   I'm still waiting for my bird on order. My sister bought 5 of the 2002 model's for our family. My 2 brothers have received the Whisper White, and the Inspiration Yellow. My sister and I are waiting for our Thunderbird Blue. My couisin is waiting for her b 
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First Name :   Roger 
Date :   02/10/02 
C1 :   Bought a new 2002 T-Bird on Dec. 29. Incredible!! Can't wait for spring to flip open the top. 
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First Name :   Laura 
Date :   02/18/02 
C1 :   Got on the waiting list in January, 2001; 13 months ago. Dealer gets 17; I'm #11. Last month ordered the color(blue) and now I've seen two of them locally, but no other colors. Today they called offering an Evening Black with red accent interior that came 
C2 :   I get to pick it up tomorrow! The ladies I saw with the blue cars both said they ordered theirs months after I did. The color doesn't matter much, the car does! 
First Name :   Gary 
Date :   3/7/02 
C1 :   I would like to talk to someone who has a blue bird. Did you get the full color pkg. interior????? Gary. 
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First Name :   Bill 
Date :   Huykman 
C1 :   Hey Dot, great web site, keep the info coming. Got my black premium 7189 after 13 months. In storage due to louzy ohio weather. Have ordered first set of Dayton Wires, will send photo as soon as they have finished making them and installed. Thanks Bil 
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First Name :   Lon 
Date :   march 17, 2002 
C1 :   As always Dot I find more information on your site than I would if I went to the library. 
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First Name :   Amy 
Date :   March 21, 2002 
C1 :
C2 :   I can't really afford this beauty, but have been waiting 2 years just to see it. A dealer near me had FIVE in stock over the week-end, so I went to just drool over them. Even took photos! (with me AND the car)...dreaming in NYC 
First Name :   El izabeth 
Date :   3/26/02 
C1 :   I talked to the dealer today and he said our car was next! We should have a VIN in the next 10-14 days! 
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First Name :   john 
Date :   march 26 
C1 :   Just saw my first new T-bird yesterday. Had to look it up on the net. Your site's pictures beat the ford motor co.'s site hands down. 
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First Name :   Kesha 
Date :   4/2/02 
C1 :   I'm a Chevy lover but I just can't pass up a Thunderbird. I cross over for Thunderbirds and Mustangs. I just can't help it. I love the new T-bird and hope to own one someday. 
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First Name :   Neil 
Date :   April 6, 2002 
C1 :   very nice web site , The picture of the 55 t-bird in front of Ford World Headquarters on launch day belongs to me. It was a great day and I will remember it for a long time. 
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First Name :   joe 
Date :   4/7/02 
C1 :   i finally received my new bird in oct./FANTASTIC/evening black 
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First Name :   Jim T 
Date :   4/09/02 
C1 :   This past summer was driving along West Cliff Dr in SantaCruz CA. Passing a parking lot, there to my surprise was a lineup of TB's all colors and models. They were waiting for their drivers, all car mag writers, who were going to drive south on HY 1, one 
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First Name :   CH 
Date :   4/10/02 
C1 :   Love the car. Fantastic style, ride, handling. However I am very disappointed in the paint job. Color: Yellow, I have many scratches in clear coat and some paint flaws. Dealer won't help. 
C2 :
First Name :   Don 
Date :   4-19-02 
C1 :   I am having the driver's seat taken out and having a new trac installed...I'm 6'5" and it's a little high. 
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First Name :   Todd J. 
Date :   4-19-02 
C1 :   Just traded my 1999 Corvette for a 2002 red T-Bird. I was about 1 mile from the delership when the car started overheating. I turnd around and demaned my down payment and my Corvette back. Will never ever buy a Ford product. 
C2 :
First Name :   Julie 
Date :   05/01/02 
C1 :   went to dealer to buy, didnt know all hardtops came with soft but not all soft come with hard. Now want hard top. Dealer wants , so get the top when you buy.... 
C2 :
First Name :   Gary A. 
Date :   May 6, 2002 
C1 :   Dot, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I know that you and George have waited a LONG time for your VIN. Now the real wait begins... Happy motoring. 
C2 :
First Name :   Jim 
Date :   May 6th 2002 
C1 :   Just picked up an Insperation Yellow premium with hardtop. When I removed the hardtop the first night the soft top was soaked with water. 
C2 :
First Name :   Bob 
Date :   May 7, 2002 
C1 :   Great site. I am an avid T-Bird person. Been that way for 30 years. I have a 56, 57, 62 Roadster and now a new black 2002. Love them all. Keep up the great work! 
C2 :
First Name :   bruce 
Date :   05/09/02 
C1 :   just got my VIN and wonder how long it will be before it gets here. It will be blue with blue top. Anyone know if the time for delivery has anything to do with the date you get the VIN? 
C2 :
First Name :   leisha 
Date :   May 10/02 
C1 :   Been watching your page for months, congrats on being vined, I am still waiting! Would like to see pics of hunkymanb Dayton wire wheels. I wanted wires but had the 21 spoke wheels chromed at, in California instead. Thanks for the great site 
C2 :
First Name :   BNruce 
Date :   5/13/02 
C1 :   I don't know if anyone out there is looking for a 2002 ,but the dealer I am getting mine from has two in the showroom(red with hardtop and blue with only the softtop. He is selling for sticker price. If you want more info send e-mail. My blue one is due o 
C2 :
First Name :   Bruce 
Date :   5/13/02 
C1 :   I messed up the last message. If you are looking for a 2002,my dealer has two in the showroom (red with hardtop and blue with softtop) He is selling for sticker price. If you want more info send e-mail. My blue one is due on June 1. Can't wait!!!! 
C2 :
First Name :   JOHN 
Date :   051502 
C2 :
First Name :   Glen 
Date :   05-16-02 
C1 :   I just bought the blue one. It is a beautiful machine. 
C2 :   My wife will not let me drive it. what is up with that 
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