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First Name :   Rebecca Peterson
Date :   May 16, 2002
C1 :   Enjoyed your website very much. Had my Thunderbird ordered almost exactly 9 months to the day and finally got it about a week ago. Love it! Got the thunderbird blue and it is truly beautiful. You sure get lots of attention when driving it, I have noticed!
C2 :
First Name :   Ron
Date :   May 21, 2002
C1 :   Just bought a Torch-Red one in Pensacola. It is everything I expected and more. Drives like my old XKE Jaguar and is very responsive. What a car!
C2 :
First Name :   Kurt
Date :   May 23, 2002
C1 :   After several months wait, my blue/white t-bird came in!!! Hurray - the site's been a great help "getting me through" the long wait and providing some additional insight!
C2 :   Thanks for all the great info!
First Name :   Don Stanley
Date :   May 28, '02
C1 :   You will definitely enjoy your "new" Bird. I might suggest, however, to remove the hardtop ASAP. Although some clear tape strips came with my car, I would much prefer the chrome strips which may be on the '03 Bird. There is a possibility that I may contac
C2 :
First Name :   Ron
Date :   6/12/2002
C1 :   My father just recieved his new T-Bird yesterday, after ordering it in January of 2001. He loves it, but the dealer forced him to sign an agreement not to sell it for six months. Has everyone else had to do this?
C2 :   Also, this is a great website for the new Thunderbirds. Great work!
First Name :   Dominic
Date :   6/14/02
C1 :   Congrats on your new bird!! Enjoy!!
C2 :
First Name :   Stuart
Date :   6/16/02
C1 :   I decided the first week of May to look at new T-bird. Loved the Blue the dealer had on floor. It took 3 weeks to get him down from over to 
C2 :   Anyone have trouble with the boot rattleing? It seems to flap over bumps.
First Name :   Jim
Date :   6/19/02
C1 :   So glad that you finally got yours, and in my fav color.....TB Blue. The other colors are seen so much. For those who complain about lack of HP, this is not supposed to be a dragster, but a cruiser! Are car that you put the top down and take a long weeken
C2 :
First Name :   Gary
Date :   6/21/02
C1 :   I have bird 3704 and I'm really enjoying it. Thanks for the information and news. I'll be checking back later.
C2 :
First Name :   Ann
Date :   Albin
C1 :   Dot, your site is totally awesome. You must be a genius. I hope you are enjoying your car as much as I enjoy mine. Thanks for all of the info. BTW, I loved your "wheel fantasies" -- wonder what a wheel cover would look like on those back wheels.
C2 :
First Name :   Jim
Date :   29June 2002
C1 :   love the car.Would like to suspend the hard top from the garage ceiling.Any kits available???
C2 :
First Name :   Darrell
Date :   6/29/02
C1 :   Just received my bird (Black, black, black). Love it. Took it to golf course with two bags in trunk!
C2 :
First Name :   Rachel
Date :   July 9, 2002
C1 :   My dad has a yellow 2002 T-Bird and loves it. The site "Our Car" talks about T-Bird songs.
C2 :   I want to make a collection of T-Bird songs for my dad.Please email me with suggestions.
First Name :   w.moorefield
Date :   7/10/02
C1 :   this is a incrediable site. you really did it right. i enjoyed my first visit. put alot of time & thoughtin this . my hats off to you
C2 :
First Name :   Jim
Date :   7/11/02
C1 :   Your site looks great! I picked my new Bird up on 1 May 02, TBird Blue (including HTop)delux with partial trim. Love it! Find it hard to leave at home.
C2 :
First Name :   peter
Date :   July 11th 2002
C1 :   I have a Thunderbird Blue Thunderbird with a black hardtop and i have a digital camera so i can send u some pictures of it. Where do i send them to? peace
C2 :
First Name :   Andrew
Date :   07/17/02
C1 :   I love thunderbirds!
C2 :   Especialy Torch red ones!
First Name :   Dominic
Date :   7/17/02
C1 :   Does anyone know of any company in the Dallas area that could lower the drivers seat. I am 6ft 2in and a little more head room (1-2in) would be nice.
C2 :
First Name :   BOB
Date :   7/19/02
C1 :   is the static cling plastic available to put under the hardtop so the paint won't get scratched. If so, where can I get it?
C2 :
First Name :   Tom
Date :   July 21, 2002
C1 :   Hi There My name is Tom Mac Rae I Live in Fair Lawn New Jersey. I own a 2002 T-Bird since Dec, 2001 Does anyone answer this e-mail ??
C2 :   Needless to say the car is great. Few small problems, but hay. Does anyone have a problem with the way they have the BOOT to fit ? The sides of it wave in the breeze and look like hell, and it is on the way it is supposed to be. I know the first problem
First Name :   to Bob above
Date :   July 21
C1 :   Yes, the vinyl tape is available. part number is listed on my accessories page: Mylar Tape Kit" "to protect the paint when the hardtop is installed" P/N 1W6276202W30-AA
C2 :   You should be able to order it with that parts number thru your Ford parts department. Talk with your salesman and see if you can get the kit for free.
First Name :   Gary
Date :   July 23, 2002
C1 :   Excellent, informative web site containing details, facts and general information not readily available elsewhere. A great help to me for ordering dress up accessories for my new Bird.
C2 :
First Name :   David
Date :   8/7/2002
C1 :   I think you have captured almost every titbit that is out there to be had. You have done a wonderful job of organizing everything. I keep coming back to your site when I need to branch out and see more if it can be found. Great work.
C2 :
First Name :   Mike
Date :   08/08/02
C1 :   Just bought a blue one with the full blue interior. Thanks for the info on this site. I saw the chrome bezel and ordered one for my car. The dealer didn't even know it was available.
C2 :
First Name :   Randy
Date :   8-10-02
C1 :   Hello, does anyone know if Ford will procuce "factory" mud flaps for the 2002 Tbird? I would like to buy some for mine if available. Thanks
C2 :   Randy M. Wisnouse
First Name :   Lexy
Date :   aug.?
C1 :   OMG i love these thunderbirds that you have shown, i am so going to get one, when i get the money. They are like the best cars EVER i seen my first one while i was with my friend Amy, and when i first seen it, it was about 60,000. An i feel in Love with i
C2 :
First Name :   Patrick
Date :   Workman
C1 :   How many Thunderbird Collections were produced??? I have the 5 piece set and would like to know how limited the production was
C2 :
First Name :   Patty
Date :   8-24-02
C1 :   Thanks for letting me dream! I am in love with the New Thunderbird!
C2 :
email address (opt.) :
First Name :   Dave
Date :   08-28-2002
C1 :   First of all I`m in sales.And,I sell the 2002 Thunderbird`s.It`s a great car.
C2 :   Next thing is what did you pay for your Thunderbird,and what did you pay over sticker price for your vehicle.Please reply from your state.Thank you,just doing research.
First Name :   Bruce
Date :   August 31, 2002
C1 :   I am also a proud owner of the 2002 Bird. Born on January 28, 2002 - #10,572. Whisper White. Turning heads each time out of the garage.
C2 :
First Name :   Tom
Date :   9/4/2002
C1 :   I believe that Ford missed a significant styling cue, by not adding small fins to the new Tbird. It has everything else: porthole roof, grille, round tail lights, two seats. What gives?
C2 :
First Name :   Bob
Date :   9/06/02
C1 :   somoeone had asked about a system to remove the roof . I didn't see an answer. Is there something out there to do this. My wife is heisitant and each time friends have been by they have had a few beers so I don't want them helping.
C2 :
First Name :   Dot - webmistress of site
Date :   09/06/02
C1 :   Bob, about hardtop hoists. Check the accessory page on this site. There are 3 companies listed that make hoists for the hardtops. They make manual and electric hoists.
C2 :
First Name :   Ken
Date :   9/6/02
C1 :   Love your website! I have a question: Of the 25,000 '02 TBirds, how can I get a breakdown made by color? (Or approximate)? What color was the most made, which are the rarest, etc. I hear ideas but I want specifics. Thanks! If anyone knows, email to ucla81
C2 :
First Name :   Ken
Date :   9/7/02
C1 :   TBird Pricing: I just bought a Thunderbird Blue TBird for under MSRP. Other dealerships wants + over sticker. Did anyone else find wide ranges in dealer pricing? Are these cars becoming not as 'hot' as we all want them to be?
C2 :
First Name :   Dot - webmistress of site
Date :   09/08/02
C1 :   Ken, The exact figures for color breakdown have not been released by Ford yet and we're not even sure if production has stopped for the 2002 yet as the 2003 won't start production until mid-November. Our best estimation and from those that have talked to
C2 :   plant is that Black is the #1 choice, with red and blue as 2nd and 3rd choices. yellow is in 4th place and white at the bottom
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