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First Name :   Tom 
Date :   9/4/2002 
C1 :   I believe that Ford missed a significant styling cue, by not adding small fins to the new Tbird. It has everything else: porthole roof, grille, round tail lights, two seats. What gives? 
First Name :   Bob 
Date :   9/06/02 
C1 :   somoeone had asked about a system to remove the roof . I didn't see an answer. Is there something out there to do this. My wife is heisitant and each time friends have been by they have had a few beers so I don't want them helping. 
First Name :   Dot - webmistress of site 
Date :   09/06/02 
C1 :   Bob, about hardtop hoists. Check the accessory page on this site. There are 3 companies listed that make hoists for the hardtops. They make manual and electric hoists. 
First Name :   Ken 
Date :   9/6/02 
C1 :   Love your website! I have a question: Of the 25,000 '02 TBirds, how can I get a breakdown made by color? (Or approximate)? What color was the most made, which are the rarest, etc. I hear ideas but I want specifics. Thanks! If anyone knows, email to ucla81 
First Name :   Ken 
Date :   9/7/02 
C1 :   TBird Pricing: I just bought a Thunderbird Blue TBird for under MSRP. Other dealerships wants + over sticker. Did anyone else find wide ranges in dealer pricing? Are these cars becoming not as 'hot' as we all want them to be? 
First Name :   Dot - webmistress of site 
Date :   09/08/02 
C1 :   Ken, The exact figures for color breakdown have not been released by Ford yet and we're not even sure if production has stopped for the 2002 yet as the 2003 won't start production until mid-November. Our best estimation and from those that have talked to 
C2 :   plant is that Black is the #1 choice, with red and blue as 2nd and 3rd choices. yellow is in 4th place and white at the bottom 
First Name :   Joyce Hannon 
Date :   September 11, 2002 
C1 :   Don't like the fact that the visors don't rotate to the side to block the sun. Any suggestions? 
First Name :   John 
Date :   09/12/02 
C1 :   It's a truly magnificent vehicle! I tried to count the number of people who turn their heads to stare at it, but I lost count. Nice job, Ford! 
C2 :   My only complaint is poor AM radio reception. It would probably be better to have an external antenna. 
First Name :   MEL LEWIS 
Date :   09/14/02 
First Name :   Tom McMillen 
Date :   Sept 16/02 
C1 :   Just ordered a 2003 Black/Black&Red Curious as to optional;s aftermarket...Spoilers,wheel chrome fender flares,ground effects,sspecial stripping kits etc. 
C2 :   I assume this site is looking for ideas. The car is very plain from the factory. Thinking of thin whitewall Michelens on it to enhance. What do you think? 
First Name :   Dot - webmistress of site 
Date :   09/16/02 
C1 :   Check the accessories page for what is available right now: Also, remember that your Ford parts dealer is able to get parts for your car 
C2 :   that aren't offered as options when you order but were available on the Thunderbird such as the chrome hood bezel for the NM edition. 
email address (opt.) :
First Name :   charlie 
Date :   September 25, 2002 
C1 :   2002's are now available here in Miami. Should I wait for a 2003? The horsepower increase apppeals to me (transmission re-geared?). Is it worth the wait? Opinions? 
First Name :   Cindy 
Date :   9/23/02 
C1 :   You are the queen of birds! Thanks dot 
First Name :   Eric 
Date :   9/24/02 
C1 :   Just got a black Premium 2002.I am thinking of putting black wood or carbon fiber overlay on the dash.Have seen only pics of carbon fiber fr.exotic wooddash.would appreciate comments on this. 
First Name :   Bill Ludicke 
Date :   9/31/02 
C1 :   I found this old photo of a very rare 1955 ford thunderbird with fairlane chrome. If this elusive peice of T-bird history is wanted to accent your existing collection of T-bird memorabilia contact me via email at WLUDICKE@CFL.RR.COM or by phone (407)999-0 
First Name :   John 
Date :   10/04/2002 
C1 :   Have a new 2003 on order. Whisper White w/White interior accent opption. Whould like to see a picture of this combination. 
First Name :   Dot, webmistress 
Date :   10/04/02 
C1 :   Until Ford starts producing the cars or puts out a color brochure of the 03's, won't be able to get a real picture of white with white interior. I'll see what I can do 
C2 :   about manipulating a photo though. 
email address (opt.) :
First Name :   Aubrey 
Date :   Oct 4, 02 
C1 :   Great webb site. have 2003 desert sky blue with white top on order. Do you know the color sequence they will be manufactured in. 
First Name :   karyn 
Date :   10/5/01 
C1 :   I'm having a terrible problem with what I now have learned is mildew on my softtop. It was on the top when we picked it up from the dealer in December. We are awaiting (for over 3 weeks) a new top. We live in Florida. Anyone else have this problem? 
First Name :   Dot, webmistress 
Date :   10/06/02 
C1 :   To Aubrey, the colors are done in small batches so all 5 colors will be available for most of the model year. Only while the coral is being painted, will 1 of the colors be sidelined. 
First Name :   Richard "Tex" Scott 
Date :   10/07/02 
C1 :   Great site please keep it going. I love my 2002 yellow t-bird . 
First Name :   Shar 
Date :   10/12/02 
C1 :   I'm just starting to look and am interested in the T-bird blue. I live in south Florida. Is the norm that I have to place an order and if so, what is the average wait time? Thanks for your help. 
First Name :   Dot, webmistress 
Date :   10/13/02 
C1 :   to Shar, You should be able to find a dealer in Florida that has one on the floor right now. negotiate your price, you should be able to bring them down to at or below msrp. The Thunderbird blue 
C2 :   is a color just for the 2002 but there is a light, robin's egg blue called desert sky blue, that will be available for the 2003 if you end up having to order. my dealer has 5 coming in in TX unspoken 4. 1 is t-bird blue. 
First Name :   Jerry 
Date :   10-17-02 
C1 :   I own a triple black prem pick it up april 15 02. Love the car. you have a GREAT site here vin #13205 
First Name :   Tom 
Date :   McMillen 
C1 :   Hi Again I wrote you recently regarding options for the 2002 and 2003 TBirds. You mentioned a supplier of fender kirts. Update this and phone number please Have a 2003 on order. Tom 
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