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First Name :   Amanda Bishop 
Date :   March 12,2003 
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First Name :   PHILIP 
Date :   3/3/2003 
C1 :   Have you or anyone out there seen a luggage rack for the trunk of the 2002-2003 T-Bird? Id be interested to know if someone makes one. Thanks 
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First Name :   Debi 
Date :   03-02-03 
C1 :   Enjoying my new 2003 red/on red T Bird after trading in my red/on red the new changes made to the car. My husband and I enjoy your web page! 
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First Name :   Philip Wegener 
Date :   3/1/2003 
C1 :   Interested in Thunderbird Concepts? Former Ford designer, James Powers, whose concepts led to the 1961 Ford Thunderbird, was commissioned by Jack Telnack, then head of Ford design, to submit his ideas for a new generation T-Brid. 
C2 :   The results of his work can be seen at Mr. Powers has just created the California Custom T-bird that transforms any new T-bird into a Custom showcar, without bodywork 
First Name :   joe 
Date :   02/28/2003 
C1 :   2002 evening black 
C2 :   1966 town landau//light blue 
First Name :   PHILIP 
Date :   2/26/2003 
C1 :   Hi! Just visited your site for the first time. Thought youd be interested in an actual production Tonneau cover for the new T-bird, available now... 
C2 :   Visit this site:, for a full line of custom body and performance upgrades for the 2002-2003 T-Bird. I like your site! 
First Name :   lina conforti 
Date :   feb 18 2003 
C1 :   can you sead me the pager of katie couric in the car please 2000. 
C2 :   l am a disabled person . 
First Name :   Ed 
Date :   02 11 03 
C1 :   Thank you for the informative and entertaining website. 
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First Name :   Herb in PS 
Date :   2-10-2003 
C1 :
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First Name :   Mark 
Date :   1/30/2003 
C1 :   Can the seats be modified for more leg room and head room? 
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First Name :   Dot 
Date :   01/20/03 
C1 :   to: George, Havent heard of any plan for a 4 seat T-bird in the next few years. 
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First Name :   George 
Date :   1/18/03 
C1 :   Hi, I like the T bird and the price point. We have a Sebring and would like to move up. We are only interested in a front and back seat model. Is Ford planning one? Thanks, George T. Cuthbert 
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First Name :   cbyrd 
Date :   1/18/03 
C1 :   have been looking for quite a long time for diecast listings of t-birds. thank you for being here!!! you have been very useful and ill be back many times im sure. 
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First Name :   Dot 
Date :   01/14/03 
C1 :   Lin, never ordered bezel, price went up in July - now well over to buy from dealer. 
C2 :   partial white seat inserts are the only other interior option available on the sky blue besides the standard and black ink and its not available with the white top. 
First Name :   Lin 
Date :   11/11/03 
C1 :   Dot, did you order the hood bezel from your dealer? (price?) On the 03s, is there any bezel to go around the rear tail lights? I wanted the combo, 2 tone leather seat insert but the color I am ordering (sky blue) doesnt have that as an option.... 
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First Name :   Gary 
Date :   01/07/03 
C1 :   Very good site. Lots of interesting inforation and photos. 
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First Name :   Kevin 
Date :   1/5/03 
C1 :   Great Site. Its good to see someones keep track of the new tbird morabilia while its fresh. Ive been trying to collect info on the old ones and know it can be a lot of work. 
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First Name :   Marie 
Date :   1-04-03 
C2 :
First Name :   Dennis 
Date :   jan 5 2003 
C2 :
First Name :   Scott 
Date :   1/03/2002 
C1 :   Its now 2 hours 15 minutes since we brought our new 2002 Blue Bird Home... I really wanted to say THANKS!!!!!! Your site gave us more usable Information the Ford Did and You guys help us to no end. If there is anything we can ever do for you guys, let 
C2 :   Good Year to ya! The Morgans 
First Name :   Ernest A. Lambos 
Date :   2 January, 2003 
C1 :   I had never even seen one except in the brochure. I told dealer that I like the blue. He told me that production was done. That was Mon. Oct 02. He called me the next day and said the factory called 
C2 :   him and wanted to know if he wanted one more and he order one and it would be here in 3 weeks. Took delivery of my 2002 T-Bird Blue on 12, Nov. 02. I only got to drive it until the end of the Nov. 
First Name :   Dot 
Date :   01/01/03 
C1 :   HAPPY NEW YEAR! May your year be filled with adventures with your new Thunderbird. 
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First Name :   Pete 
Date :   12-27-02 
C1 :   Ive just purchased a 2002 Thunderbird and was looking for more information. Ive found the place!!! Thanks 
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First Name :   Dot, webmistress 
Date :   12/26/02 
C1 :   Hi Paula and others, Please read this forum topic for tinted window information: 
C2 :   Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! 
First Name :   Paula 
Date :   12/16/02 
C1 :   My 2003 is due to arrive on December 23rd. Merry Christmas to me! Desert Sky Blue. Wish I could have gotten a white hard top. What if I have it repainted?? Also thinking about tinted windows. Anyone do that yet?? Thanks. 
C2 :
First Name :   Dot, webmistress 
Date :   12/13/02 
C1 :   Embroidered Headrest covers can be found on this site: 
C2 :
First Name :   roxy tbird 
Date :   12/12/02 
C1 :   Looking for? 
C2 :   I am looking for embroidered headrest covers for the 2002 T-Bird, has anyone seen.....where? 
First Name :   Laura 
Date :   11/28/02 
C1 :   I really like your web site!!! I am a thunderbird owner to be(in 2003) I really appreciate your information about whats coming. thank you. Happy Thanksgiving 
C2 :
First Name :   Randy 
Date :   11-25-02 
C1 :   would like to see an after market continental kit for the 02 addition and its own chapter of T Birds 
C2 :
First Name :   Roy 
Date :   11/23/2002 
C1 :   Very good page thanks . 
C2 :
First Name :   Sandy 
Date :   11-22-2002 
C1 :   I have the thunderbird Blue one 
C2 :
First Name :   Lon O'Connell 
Date :   20-NOV-02 
C1 :   Like always Dot, your site is 1st class and always up to date. Keep up the good work. 
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First Name :   WINK 
Date :   11-15-02 
C1 :   I have a 2003 bird on order. Deluxe, Desert Sky Blue, pref wht hard top, blk accent. SWEET. 
C2 :
First Name :   Bill 
Date :   11/14/02 
C1 :   thanks for maintaining a great Tbird site. I learn something new every time I visit :) ps I have a blue 02 too 
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First Name :   Dustin 
Date :   11-14-02 
C1 :   I guess I was cut off..My phone number is 1-800-589-2065 
C2 :
First Name :   Dustin 
Date :   11-14-02 
C1 :   I love your web-site. I am refreshed by your excitement about the Thunderbird. I am a salesperson at a Ford dealership in Ohio. My boss has a limited edition Nieman Marcus that he would like to sell. If you know of anyone interested please contact me. My 
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First Name :   Hermann 
Date :   11-11-02 
C1 :   I have one just like yours. Vin 24737. I agree with your evaluation of the Tbird. Otherwise it is a beautiful cruiser. 
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First Name :   Dot, webmistress 
Date :   11/10/02 
C1 :   Thanks for all the compliments. Nelson - glad my page helped you with your chrome bezel - it looks great on black cars - infact looks great on all of them 
C2 :   Al & Jean, would love to see your Mercury - great car of that era but you're right, the new 'bird drives a lot better - we notice a great difference between our 57 'bird and the new 'bird. 
First Name :   Al & Jean 
Date :   Nov 9/2002 
C1 :   We have a blue 2002 model/premium...great car. Im an old car nut, have a 56 Mercury frame off restored. The new bird drives better though....nice site!! 
C2 :
First Name :   Nelson 
Date :   11/8/02 
C1 :   Great site! After viewing, I immediately went back to my dealer and ordered the chrome bezel. Installed per your instructions and it looks great on my black bird. 
C2 :
First Name :   Hank R. 
Date :   11/5/02 
C1 :   Great job on your website. Always loved the Fifty-Five, Six, and especially the Fifty-Seven Birds. Always wished as a kid that someday I'd be able to buy one of my own. But now with the New Birds arriving , it looks like I get a second chance at my dre 
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email address (opt.) :
First Name :   Carolyn 
Date :   11-02-02 
C1 :   I bought mine two months ago and love it! It's blue w/white top and has the full accent interior. 
C2 :
First Name :   Bryan Sloop 
Date :   10/24/02 
C1 :   Neat website! Thank you very much for letting me know about it. 
C2 :
First Name :   Vena 
Date :   10/24/02 
C1 :   Awesome! and Beautiful.....I could see me driving one....... 
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