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First Name :   JIM 
Date :   2/3/04 
Comment 1 :   Eventhough I have an early 55 and an early 02 in my garage, it is still fun to visit this site to see the cars. Keep the information coming. 
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First Name :   Dot 
Date :   02/02/04 
Comment 1 :   Deryl, check the accessories page,tonneau covers manufacturers for photos of some customized t-birds. I dont feel that the body style has really supported any 
Comment 2 :   really drastic customizations. 
First Name :   Deryl 
Date :   02-02-04 
Comment 1 :   Dot, really nice webb site. This is the first place that I have found information on the differences for each year. I currently have a black 56 and a triple black 66 convertible.
Comment 2 :   Do you have any pictures of new birds that have been modified/customized? Would be interested in seeing those. I understand that there have been some birds customized. I tried to get Ford to style the car more like the 55-57 birds and less like the Mazda 
First Name :   alias 
Date :   01/29/04 
Comment 1 :   Thuderbirds are sweet. My dad bought one but he smashed it though... hes gonna fix it. 
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First Name :   douglas nauslar 
Date :   01/27/04 
Comment 1 :   just purchased #0018 of the 1000 pacific coast 2004 roadsters. LOVE the car! Have a commitment from Ca. dmv for plates that read 2004 TB. Will send pics of both. 
Comment 2 :   Thanks for the site! 
First Name :   John Hopkins 
Date :   01/26/04 
Comment 1 :   Thinking of buying a used 2003/2004 bird. This website makes me more excited about my future purchase 
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First Name :   Geoff 
Date :   01/24/2004 
Comment 1 :   I am going to buy a 2004 or 2005 T-Bird to keep my 55,56 and 57 (one each) T-birds company. If they would build one like the one done by SPECIAL VEHICLE CONCEPTS in Newport Beach, CA Id be ordering it today. 
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First Name :   Dot 
Date :   01/20/04 
Comment 1 :   TBN access - It depends on where youre coming from to access the TBN this past week. The TBN went thru a server move. Try using one of the TBN links on my site to get to theirs. 
Comment 2 :   Theyre working to fix access problems. 
First Name :   Phillip 
Date :   January 16, 2004 
Comment 1 :   Awaiting delivery on my 04 Bird. Great Web Site, keep up the good work! 
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First Name :   Bill 
Date :   1/15/04 
Comment 1 :   Dot; Im still enjoying your site I visit at least once ever two days or so. I have not been able to access TBN for the past two days not sure what is going on there. Im looking at a 56 in Racine,Ohio as soon as the snoe stops hope this is the one. When wi 
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First Name :   Martin 
Date :   January 12, 2004 
Comment 1 :   Dot...thanks for your site...your enthusiasm,dedication,and information.....amazing!..and as of Dec.29...the experience of owning an Inspiration Yellow example.....WoW!!!Its a keeper!!! 
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First Name :   Dot 
Date :   01/12/04 
Comment 1 :   Linda, MPG is 17 in town and 23 on the road - thats an average. Some have reported getting more and a few have reported getting less. 
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First Name :   Linda 
Date :   01/10/04 
Comment 1 :   Question: What is the mpg for the 02 Thunderbird? Ive asked two people who both said 15. Not good. 
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First Name :   Bob 
Date :   1-9-04 
Comment 1 :   I have bought a James Bond Edition should i have it rust proofed or will this take away from its value. I live in Pennsylvania but wont be driving it in the winter. 
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First Name :   Alan 
Date :   01-03-04 
Comment 1 :   Dot, I own a James Bond edition and have ordered a Pacific Coast Cruiser from World Ford here in Atlanta. The out the door price I am Paying is $ 46,017 and some change. This includes tax, licence, etc. I actually got it 500 dollars below invoice as I am 
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First Name :   Larry 
Date :   01/04/04 
Comment 1 :   Thanks Dot. Larry 
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First Name :   Dot 
Date :   01/02/04 
Comment 1 :   Larry, At this time, I only know of 2 owners with build sheets for their cars - both picked them up while on tour at the Wixom plant - 1 while his car was being built. 
Comment 2 :   Dealers Ive talked to say no build sheets have been found in the tbirds that have come into their dealerships, yet they have no problem finding them in their other models. 
First Name :   Larry 
Date :   01/02/04 
Comment 1 :   Has anyone found the build sheet for the new T-birds? Thanks Larry 
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First Name :   Dot 
Date :   01/02/04 
Comment 1 :   Ty, thanks for letting me know about the link problem. Its fixed. 
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First Name :   Larry 
Date :   01/01/04 
Comment 1 :   Love your web site. Thanks for the great work on part numbers and such. Just bought and 04 model in Merlot with the sand interior. Keep us informed on 05 T-bird rumors. Bought mine this year because of color and info that this was last model year. Larry 
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First Name :   Ty 
Date :   12/31/03 
Comment 1 :   Great site. Enjoying comparison of different models! 
Comment 2 :   BTW, this link didnt work: I was on the N.Marcus page and tried to view the catalog picture. 
First Name :   Peter 
Date :   12-30-03 
Comment 1 :   Hello, Please pardon my inquiry here as this is for your guest book visitors. Great website! I have for sale a very unique Thunderbird “launch” brochure/book. In the late 90’s when it was announced that Ford Motor Company was going to produce thi 
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First Name :   Rich 
Date :   12/30/03 
Comment 1 :   Thank you for the valuable knowledge, information, and resources that you provide for all of us Thunderbird owners! 
Comment 2 :   Would you know of any resources where you can purchase a copy of the original television commercial for the 2002 T-Bird? 
First Name :   Eric
Date :   12/28/03 
Comment 1 :   Wonderful site! Thanks for the photos, especially the torch red with the white hartop. 
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First Name :   Diana 
Date :   12/22/2003 
Comment 1 :   I love my new T-bird, but had to take it in today for emissions light :( bad smell, anyone have a similar experience? 
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First Name :   Howard 
Date :   12/17/03 
Comment 1 :   Got my new 03 Black on black this past Sunday.Love the style,Cant understand why there arent more on the road.Car was in dealers garagesince 5/9/03.Can the tires develope flat spots sitting for 7 months sinceIm getting some vibrations at low speed? Like y 
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First Name :   Dot 
Date :   12/08/03 
Comment 1 :   BruceG, The aftermarket, hardcase spare holder is for looks only - wont hold a spare. 
Comment 2 :
First Name :   BruceG 
Date :   12/8/03 
Comment 1 :   Just got my Mountain Shadow Gray bird with Camel seats in Sat.s snow storm! Great fun. Looking for after-market resources for cool stuff. Any one doing the hard case on the trunk for the spare? 
Comment 2 :
First Name :   Bruce 
Date :   12/06/03 
Comment 1 :   You have created the best website for Thunderbird information. I congratulate your accomplishments and I certainly have gained a lot of knowledge regarding Thunderbirds from it. Dot, we all love your site. 
Comment 2 :   2003 Red / Red / Black #1900 Mods: Dayton Wire Wheels, Goodyear FI Performance Tires, Borla Exhaust System, 3M Polyeurathane Protection, Front and truck Logo mats and more to come. 
First Name :   Dennis & Judy Christensen 
Date :   11/30/03 
Comment 1 :   This Chriscrete & heyjude from Cedar Falls Iowa. I just looked up your site on google and it came up at the top of the page. Great site! 
First Name :   TIM 
Date :   11/24/03 
Comment 1 :   THANKS !! 
First Name :   Ralph 2002 #10061 
Date :   11-23-03 
Comment 1 :   Try washing your Bird with WOOLITE washing machine liquid soap. Works great on the paint & soft top. Recomended by Anchorages #1 body & paint shop. look up Liquid Glass on the computer. Its the ONLY thing that I would think of using on any of my car 
Comment 2 :   Ordered a Pacific Coast Roadster 10-01-03 from Cal Worthington If you hear of when they plan to start making them then please e-mail me. 
First Name :   Dot 
Date :   11/15/03 
Comment 1 :   Frank, good possibility that well be around in August next year. Would like to meet. 
First Name :   Frank 
Date :   11/12/03 
Comment 1 :   Dot-- Thanks mucho for all your work on this. It has been very helpful to me as I have come up to speed on my Tbird. 
Comment 2 :   My wife is a Mary Kay Director. We come to Dallas every summer. It is in the hot season about the first of August. I will learn more about the dates later, maybe we can meet. FEs Tbird Frank Emery 
First Name :   Rick 
Date :   11/9/03 
Comment 1 :   I love your site(s). You have been very helpful with caring for my convertible top. I have never owned one before. 
Comment 2 :   I am RickMLC on TBN but dont usually comment much. 
First Name :   Tom & Judy Kleck 
Date :   11/07/03 
Comment 1 :   Have a 02 Yellow/y/blk interior & yellow top. My lic. plate is YELLO 
Comment 2 :   Love my bird & would love to get together with other new Bird owners! 
First Name :   Johnny 
Date :   11/7/03 
Comment 1 :
Comment 2 :
First Name :   Dot, webmistress 
Date :   11/07/03 
Comment 1 :   Welcome back to my website. After glitches I caused yesterday, my old site no longer exists. 
Comment 2 :   Thanks for finding me again. :) 
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