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Some call it the Retrobird, others, the NEW Thunderbird or the 11th Generation Thunderbird,  whatever!  It's a 2-seater cruisin' convertible and I  waited 45 years for Ford to decide to build it again. 

Yes, all of these 2002-2005 Thunderbirds are convertibles
Yes, ALL of these Thunderbirds have a V8 engine
Yes, all came with a soft top. Hardtop was optional AND will fit on all.


Welcome!!  From one 
Ford Thunderbird enthusiast to another
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Buzzing Sound at Speed? Solution
Hardtop scratching your paint??   Recalls? 
check the problems page for the latest.
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This site was featured in the Cyber Stallions Column by Jeff Bauer in the "Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords" magazine ~ December 2002 issue.
This is a still a personal site; it is not a commercial site.
I will have many personal touches on it.
    All the 2002-2005 original Spare Tires are too old to safely trust:

The latest new pages are about storing a flat tire in your trunk and replacing your spare tire.

On this site you will find  many pages covering the 2002, 2003, 2004 and  the 50th Anniversary 2005  Ford Thunderbird ~ options, colors, wheel styles, special limited editions and the concept.  There is also a section covering T-bird memorabilia on the  market, which include diecast scale models, other collectible items, clothing, and magazines that have showcased this auto.  A section on CARE of your new car has been started.  The link pages will lead you to other sites with more information, or articles about the Thunderbird and some forums to join. If you get LOST??, visit the sitemap to get reoriented. 

This model Thunderbird is a limited production model i.e., limited to a max of 100,000.  It ended with about 68,000 of those actually built over the 4 year period from June 2001 to July 1, 2005.  *Official end was July 1 but actual end was July 25 when the last 15 t-birds finally crossed the line.  Wixom was shutdown for summer break (change over to new model year) from July 2-24.

The Wixom Assembly plant is proud to have built 1,160,827 Thunderbirds since the plant opened in 1958.  Sad to say, though, the Wixom plant is now closed, another sign of the sagging sales by US Auto Manufacturers.

Last Production Day ceremony

I continually add as I search the net and read the message boards so please come back and visit often.  Use the "What's New" icon to find my latest updates.  I appreciate hearing from you about any sites you find on the net that are worth looking at/reading about this new Thunderbird, but first, spread the news of your finds to the newslists and message boards.  I also enjoy receiving photos of your new Thunderbird and will post on one of my pages if you give me permission. 


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