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The Thunder!

1955 P Engine

1956 Engines

1957 Engines


The Thunder!!
1957 Engines
C, D, E, F, D/F
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Stereo Viewing
 Click on stereo photos to view larger pictures and  for Cross-eyed viewing.  Learn to view 3-D and you'll see more detail than by just a flat photo.  Stereos on this page are set up for Parallel (//) viewing.  Hand held viewing devices may be used for seeing the 3-D effect with parallel photos.  
C code 292
D code 312
With Dress-Up kit
E code 312
With no Dress-up Kit
With Dress-up Kit
F code 312
The 1957 "F" Bird:  Highly sought after and very rare.  Only 210 (212? 214?) were built.  Are you hiding one in your garage or barn?  Even rarer still are the 12 D "F" cars built in February 1957 - 8 are still known to exist.  They're in that 210 count.

12 cars were built for racing in early 1957 with a D engine code but outfitted with a supercharged engine.  Only way to prove your car is one of those is to have the original factory invoice -  which are still available.  Will work on getting pictures of a D/F engine.

Passenger car F code superchargers are mounted on the opposite side of the engine.

D/F code 312

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