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2nd Day June 13, 2006


After a hearty breakfast buffet, a few door prizes and a short welcoming speech with some instructions for the day, HEARTLAND THUNDER attendees will be faced with what may be the most interesting dichotomy of activities ever combined at a car enthusiast event. On the one hand is the excitement of driving YOUR THUNDERBIRD at speed on a challenging road course. While this will not be the first track we have been on at a T-bird  event, it will be the first opportunity to learn how your car will react when pushed to the edge of your personal comfort zone within the carís performance and handling characteristics. On the other hand you will be able to visit THE premier museum of western art in the United States. The GILCREASE MUSEUM really is the Museum of the Americas with exhibits of American History, Hispanic and Mexican Art, Western Art, Native American Art and Artifacts while being one of the most beautifully landscaped places in Oklahoma.

Today, attendees of HEARTLAND THUNDER will be divided into two groups with half visiting the track in the morning while the others visit The GILCREASE MUSEUM. In the afternoon, the venues will be reversed. The groups will gather for lunch at the track for a group picture of all of the cars. This picture, as well as individual pictures of your car on the track, will be available for purchase from the track photographer. Because of the logistical complexity of the dayís activities, attendees will be required to stay with the group they are assigned to today. If the friends that you usually hang out with end up in the other group, take this opportunity to better get to know some new friends. Cooperation from everyone will be essential to make this day run smoothly and be all it can be. 

HALLETT MOTOR RACING CIRCUIT is a privately owned 1.8-mile, 10 turn road racing course in the rolling Osage Hills of northeastern Oklahoma. It is located 35 miles west of Tulsa at the Highway 99 exit of the Cimarron Turnpike. The track has over 80 feet of elevation change and is considered a technically difficult track by experienced road course drivers. It has wide, grassy run-off areas and no concrete or Armco barriers, so physical harm to vehicles if someone accidentally takes a cross country excursion is not an issue. The course is unique in that it can be run in either the clockwise or counter-clockwise direction, making it two completely different racecourses. 

Today we will be driving it in the counter-clockwise direction. The track owner will give drivers instructions prior to taking to the track. Helmets are required during the sessions and will be made available, however if you want to take up some trunk space or utilize UPS and bring your own personal helmet please feel free to do so. We will try to subdivide each group into those that want to take it easy, those that want to push themselves a little and those that want to go all out. There should be no fear of damage to your car or bodily injury, however as safety precautions corner workers will be stationed with full view of the entire track, track access will be controlled by a flag man, passing will only be allowed in designated zones and an ambulance with EMT attendants will be available. 

All participants should be able to get in at least three 15-20 minute sessions. Spectators are offered exciting views of the action from three grandstands and from hillsides throughout the infield. The trackís well-maintained facilities include garages, raceports, the Finish Line Cafe, restrooms, timing and scoring building with a VIP lounge, press facilities, and a gift shop. Due to the limited number of helmets available, this event will be capped at 100 cars (50 in the morning, 50 in the afternoon), unless several of us bring our own helmets. 

This outstanding opportunity for track time could easily cost $150 and be worth every penny of that, but the planning committee is happy to announce your time on the track, use of a helmet and lunch will only cost $80 per car/driver and $10 per passenger/visitor for lunch (Note: price remains the same with use of your own helmet). Once the registration form is available, you will want to get it in quickly to assure your spot in the starting grid! This will be THE activity that everyone will be talking about long after HEARTLAND THUNDER is a dim memory, so donít take a chance on missing it. Be sure to check out www.hallettracing.net for pictures and more information.

THE GILCREASE MUSEUM art collection includes over 10,000 paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures by 400 artists from colonial times to the present. It is the largest collection of western art in the world plus much more. 

Some of the important, non-western artists featured in the Gilcrease Collection include Thomas Eakins, Robert Feke, Charles Wilson Peale, Daniel Chester French, John Singleton Copley, James McNeil Whistler, John Singer Sargent, Winslow Homer, John James Audubon, William Merritt Chase, and N. C. Wyeth. Among the Western artists for which Gilcrease is renowned are the following: Albert Bierstadt, William M. Cary, George Catlin, Woody Crumbo, William R. Leigh, Alfred Jacob Miller, Thomas Moran, Frederic Remington (including 18 of his 22 bronzes), Charles M. Russell, Olaf Seltzer, Joseph H. Sharp, Willard Stone, and Charles Banks Wilson. 

No matter how much time you are able to spend in the museum today, youíll want to spend hours more at another time. The grounds and gardens are equally beautiful. If you decide to miss any of the museums suggested for this week, please donít give up this one. The museum admission fee is only $5.00/person for our group (youíll pay at the door). The GILCREASE MUSEUM really is a must see for any visitor to the Tulsa area Ė you will see ORIGINAL paintings and sculptures that have been printed or copied thousands of times over the years. Prepare to be amazed. A preview of what youíll be able to experience is available at www.gilcreasemuseum.org.


Dinner:  Tonight after we gather in the hotel atrium for the Managerís Reception, attendees will make plans for DINNER ON YOUR OWN. We will provide you with the name of several great restaurants, night clubs and casinos within a few miles of the hotel. Put together some small groups for dinner and then venture out into the nightlife of Tulsa or return to the hotel for libations and an opportunity to brag about your track exploits from earlier in the day or turn in early to prepare yourselves for the excitement of Route 66 tomorrow.
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