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Offsite Info Snapshots
T-bird Links
Thunderbird Information from other sources
Thunderbird Nest.com Active Thunderbird Forum for 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 Ford Thunderbird Owners
Thunderbird Registry Register your 2002 to 2005 Ford Thunderbird or any other Ford Thunderbird that you may have.
Ford's media center News from Ford Motor Company
http://www.fordvehicles.com/cars/thunderbird/ Find merchandise, photos, screen saver, options, etc here - Thunderbird pages no longer exist.  on www.fordcollection.com  - a few items still available for Thundeerbbird enthusiasts.
Ford Owners Info Ford's "My Ford" site for New Ford owners
was Wieck Media Services: Photos Professional Ford media Photos of All years of Thunderbirds plus other autos 
Ford Motor Company of Canada
 showroom - no longer has Thunderbird info
The Thunderbird Cybernest (new link) All Thunderbird - photos, club links
MSN Auto Guide Info on buying new or used cars, Kelley Blue Book guide
Edmunds.com  Info, costs, etc. - for used Thunderbirds
NAIAS 2002 - http://www.naias.com 2002 Detroit  auto show - website has moved on to current show - 2002 info no longer available.
The Rumor Mill - refound the website - it moved! For your research - follows the news introduction of the Thunderbird up to May 2000

Above Video by Brett Richards on You Tube:  He says: " It was originally shot for part of a music video for the band, "Iron And Wine", but do to creative differences, the footage was cut into a spec commercial that was submitted to the Ford Company."

SnapShots & Videos
If link no longer is active, the site is probably "dead".  If it has moved, and you know the url, please let me know.
Practically new in 2012 video of an 02 blue arriving at new owners in TX
Foose Speedbird video at Knott's Berry Farm 2009
2004 owner's Merlot Merlot photos
2004 owner at Motortopia Merlot photos
2004 with Borlas The sound of Borlas on a Thunder Bird from inside
2003 with Borlas The sound of Borlas on a Thunderbird from outside
On Flicker Another personal view of the Thunderbird
Dingman's Collision Center Customer Video testimonial for Body shop - 04 merlot
2002 vs 55 Thunderbird blue owner's slide show with music
My Blue Oval Garage owner's pages about his Mustangs and 2002 Thunderbird
MSN Thunderbird Video history and evolution of the 55-57 T-bird
hawaiimovietour.com/ourstaff  PCR with owner
Photo Album at Fitting In 04 black new owner
RC Thunderbird Interested in building a remote control?
A brand new Pacific Coast Roadster And another proud owner as of March 2004
A black 03 Another proud owner - link to his photos is in left hand column of main page
Another Red and White Another owner's 'bird - great shots
some concept photos Autopictures.com
Red with White top 2003 another owner's page for his new 'bird
Another Blue 02 An owners story about his 'bird
Red Concept slide show from 1999 ITC convention
Photos of Yellow 02 lots of photos with his customizations
2002yellowbird Yellow 02 first journey
Bob's Yellow Thunderbird photos of his yellow with white top 2002 Thunderbird in scenic spots in California
Blunbird's page history and photos of their 'bird and their hobby, ballooning - gone from the web
Mark Ray's "My Thunderbird Highway" Great photos by Mark Ray -  Living Legends tour, Destin plus why he has a new Thunderbird - gone from the web
White Squarebird + red concept photo from June 2001
White Squarebird + White 2002 Photoshoot for an Italian Magazine plus extras :)
more Thunder on 66 photos Diner, various spots along route  link no longer works http://photos.yahoo.com/bc/bverreau/lst?.dir=/&.src=ph&.view=t
Thunder on 66 photos Oklahoma and Amarillo, TX - note to myself to reload photos to this website.
SVC  the future - http://www.specialvehicles.com./tbird/ - website no longer exists in the form it was in 2004.
An  MSG 'bird From an 03 owner
Thunderbird Blue photos personal website page http://www.flash.net/~txcajun/pg63-Thunderbird.htm 
Edmunds.com from their Ford video list video link doesn't work anymore http://www.edmunds.com/video/ford.html 
photos by Charles Ofria RED shots
more snapshot, various new & just starting
A pair of Birds old & new
Hardtop Color Exchange Photos of a fun day in Atlanta on March 17, 2002
Route 66 Tour by new owner A yellow on route 66 from Kentucky to .OK..to..Santa Monica - photos and journal
new Photos Various owners;  accessory photos - newtbirddata yahoo group photos
New Owner & his car Video and photos - Thunderbird blue
Los Angeles Auction video clip by ktedsel - video taken at fund raiser auction of 2002 Thunderbird hosted by Galpin Ford (2.3mb)
Mystery Drive video clip by Ron - video taken Aug 19 in Los Angeles (2100K) of yellow car
ITC Convention Photos  ITC convention photos
Lots of Photos in Seattle stangnet.com - including black with white top; yellow without supplemental parking lights - Living Legends tour

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