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Installing the Boot Cover
Storing the Boot Cover


Yellow Concept Diecast Model - 1/18th
The New Thunderbird

Installing your "2002 Boot Cover"
Storing your 2002 to 2005 Boot Cover


I do not give permission to use photos from my website for EBAY auctions  --Dot
All 2002 photos & directions by Bernie Verreau
click on photos for larger views

2003-2005 photos by Dot Lang

Install Tip for all years:  Lubricate the snaps for ease of snapping and unsnapping.  The snaps are tight and may pull from fabric if unlubricated.  Lubricate inside of female snap with one of the following: white grease, vaseline, color crayon(wax), bar of soap.  Any of these applications should be done 2 or 3 times a years or more often, depending on how often you use your boot.  DO NOT get grease, vaseline or wax on your boot fabric as it will stain.  Apply with very small artists paint brush or toothpick.  Once the snaps are lubricated, the boot goes on and off quickly with little effort.
Tip For unsnapping a balky snap:  If you haven't lubricated your snap and it appears too tight and might pull thru fabric, use a pocket knife to pry apart the male& female snap 
step 1

Push the soft top down flush with the rear deck.

Carefully! - it does have a glass window!

step 2

Line up the cover perfectly even on both sides

step 3

Tuck the cover under the body panel on both sides and back.

step 4 

Making sure is still perfectly aligned, push straight back in the center until the lip is all the way under

step 5

Numbering the snaps 1-6 from left to right, snap shut in  this order:
3, 4, 2, 5, 1, 6

update: the outer snaps (1 and 6) are more stationary than the inner snaps and should be snapped first before snapping the rest.
Closing each snap should produce an audible sound. Note that the female connectors slide around a little on the cover, making it easier to position them. If you get the alignment right before you start and make sure the cover is tucked in all the way around, it should work every time. 


Finished installation

[editors notes: Owners have said this process gets quicker with practice taking about 2 minutes when experienced.  Some have to leave the cover flat overnight in a warm area before installing to smooth out the center crease that develops when folded.  suggestion - try to store flat in garage - not the ideal solution but will work. 

Owners have found that applying a little bit of lithium grease or even rubbing a bar of soap on the snaps greating reduces the effort needed to snap or unsnap the snaps.

Update:  The boot was redesigned for 2003 and  replaces the 2002 if you need a replacement cover.  See the interior page for photos. 
The procedure for installing the 03-05 boot is slightly different.  We have found with ours, that doing the snaps first is best, then tucking in the sides and back are last.


Storing Your 2002 Boot Cover:  Best to store flat hanging on a wall of your garage. Consider it wall Art. 
OR store on a flat shelf. Do not store anything on top of it if on a shelf 

If you're on the road, then your best option for storing it if you need to put the top up is folded in half in the trunk but because there is no center seam to make a flat fold, it's designed to have a rounded fold which takes up a lot of space in the trunk.  You can pack things inside the fold though but it's still cumbersome.  Not really a good option if you are on a trip and have luggage in the trunk.  In that case, consider leaving the soft top up and the boot cover at home or find a folding or rollable boot cover to use in place of the oem boot cover when you're on a trip.

Storing Your 2003 to 2005 Boot Cover:  This cover may be stored in the cubby hole at the back of your trunk, folded up or rolled up. It came folded up from the manufacturer.   Some owners have taken to rolling up their 2003-2005 boot cover instead of folding it up. Either way it will fit in the cubby hole at the back of the trunk .

How to fold the 2003 to 2005 Boot Cover:

Accordion style folding:


How it looks from the end.

Folded and hook & loop strap closed.

and stored in the cubby hole in the back of your trunk.  There is some room to store other items in the cubby hole.



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