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N.F.S. - No item listed on this page is for sale - this is for your information only.

Where to find:  from your Ford dealer,  www.ebay.com, retail stores.    Also watch for local ads, contests

Be on the lookout for any new items.  Watch the magazines for ads using the car.  Please let me know when you have found something new related to this car. 

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Memorabilia started being issued for this auto in 1999 at the January Detroit Auto Show.  To see what was issued in 1999 and 2000, visit the Concept Memorabilia page
and for 2001 "stuff", 2002-2003 and Current
Type Description
. 2001
Thunderbird Collection Set of 5 "book's" with various memorabilia - only available to customers with T-bird orders. This was a dealer ordered item.  Limited time offer from Ford - not available anymore.  (This was NOT from the "Manage the Wait" program)
- set of brushed stainless steel bookends with Chrome trimmed porthole window with Thunderbird logo in window
-  Hardcover red book with symbolic pictures
- Personalized Letter "signed" by your dealer
- All enclosed in compartmented black presentation  box
   with graphics - partial Thunderbird emblem
-Set of vinyl clings matching your ordered car
-Yellow hardcover book about car's development
-personalized letter "signed" by your dealer
-brochure for  Thunderbird watch
-black presentation box with graphics
-touchy, feely  blue book - includes sample of Thunderbird blue leathher,
-personalized letter "signed" by your dealer
-black presentation box with graphics
White book entitled "Thunderbird Celebrity Survival Guide: Coping With Stardom". It has two chapters: 
  1 - In the Spotlight 2 - Incognito; Each chapter has seven "tongue in cheek" suggestions on surviving your new found celebrity status in owning a Bird. It is silly, but has some nice pics and and funny hints like "When turning over your keys to the valet, take the time to introduce him to Mr. Odometer". On the opposite side it shows a picture of two valets joyriding in a black Bird, top down, through the city streets.
It also came with a model in the color of your car. Mine is blue, but unfortunately the model only has the concept 24 spoke wheels, and a standard black interior.  It also does not include the optional removable hardtop, but is top-down only. scale is 1/25 (description & photo courtesy of ECWilson aka birdbrain)
The Neiman Marcus owners did not receive a car model but  received a photo frame instead.
- Black hardbound  book for writing about your t-bird experiences
- postcard to order personalized book plaque 
- black photo corners for adding photos to your journal
(being delivered to those who have received their cars)
Trivia - Someone asked about #'s produced of this collection - unknown to me but would be less than 18,0000. Since it could also be divided by color of your car:
less that 200 for the NM owners (why less? - Most owners never got them)
approx 1/3 went to  owners of black cars
approx 1/10 went to owners of white cars
approx 1/9 went to owners of yellow cars
The rest would have gone to owners of blue or red cars.
If there are any stat. experts that have access to the actual #'s produced, I would appreciate knowing
This Set continued to be offered as Door Prizes at various Ford and Thunderbird events thru 2005.
Note: when set is complete, presentation boxes arranged in order form a complete graphic !!
. 2002 Ford Microfiche Ford Parts microfiche for new Thunderbird (this is one that will definitely get updated as the months pass by) #14 in Ford set; of course a microfiche reader is a must.  monthly updates
. 2002 Program book Detroit Show - NAIAS
. 2002 Program book Chicago Auto Show - transparent view on cover of program
. 2002 Brochure Ford of Canada - Ford brochure showing all models - 2 pages/model - in French & English
. 2002 Flyer Sales flyer from New York Toy show - shows coral sand "James Bond" edition 2002 Thunderbird by ?? - due this fall??
. 2002 Contest Grocery Store ad & contest: 2-year lease on 2002 Thunderbird
. 2002 Contest Grocery Store ad & insert - from Food City
. 2002 Rubber Stamp 3/4 view -  3.5"x1.25"
. 2002 Designer Fashions Ford sponsored designer fashions.  See ads in March 2002 magazines.  Clothing, & accessories plus sketches of some of the items were up for auction March thru May.  Accessories included luggage, handbags, sunglasses, belts, & scarves all designed with the Thunderbird in mind. Clothing ranged from casual to evening wear.
. 2001/2002 Poster Motor Trend Car of the Year poster - printed in Canada - 3'x 4'
. 2002 Shirt Reyn Spooner Hawaiian style shirt - two 02's(red and yellow) and a yellow 55.  Available from Ford's Collection and from Reyn Spooner's site.
. 2002 Pin Motor Trend Car of the Year pin - being passed out at Living Legends tours this summer
. 2002 Press Kit Living Legends 2002 summer tour with CD
. 2002 license plate frame Thunderbird script at bottom edge
. 2002 watches his and hers sizes, Thunderbird blue face or black face, Japan mov't; dial is speedometer numerals with new Thunderbird emblem; band is brushed stainless; made by Taxor
. 2002 poster F.M.C. - MotorTrend C.O.T.Y. award poster - in red  See the Thunderbird Nest Forum
. 2002 poster F.M.C. - mirror image - red 02 and red 57  See the Thunderbird Nest Forum
. 2002 brochure Wixom Assembly Plant - welcome brochure; small t-bird photo 
. 2002 postcards Booklet of 6 postcards from Ford celebrating Ford's 100 years - red 02 T-bird on inside cover
. 2002 postcards blue 02 and red 02 - part of series for Ford's Living Legends Tour 2002
. 2002 brochure Diecast brochure for the James Bond models - sales brochure for Ford dealers
. 2002 lottery tickets Kansas State Lottery - just ended - May to Sept 15, 2002 - black 02 on tickets
. 2002 poster Kansas State Lottery - small double sided posters with black 02
. 2002 phone card Texas Special Children's Foundation Raffle entry & Phone Card http://www.winanewthunderbird.com/ with red 02 on card
. 2002 Model Box with blue 02 printed on top;  Box contains a diecast white 1955 Thunderbird, 1/43 scale;  From Melrose Hotel in New York advertising their remodeling of the hotel and a chance to lease a 2002 Thunderbird for a year.  contest is over.
. 2002 Poster Blue 2002 Calendar printed by Ford - See the Thunderbird Nest Forum
2002 Poster Red 2002 Calendar printed by Ford - See the Thunderbird Nest Forum
. 2001 Card for Rolling Thunder Event in Canada - entry # for Sweepstakes on back
. 2001 Card Invitation to Rolling Thunder Events in Canada
. 2002 Video Toby Keith music video - used Thunderbird in some scenes
. 2002 Brochure At Revlon dispaly at drugstore (CVS) not at Target, small pamphlet for sweepstakes, has front picture of  blue Thunderbird.  Display has Bond 007 logos, no car.  "Get the Jinx look"...
2002 Brochure Ford brochure for the 2 RC models(Jag and Aston Martin) and the diecast Thunderbird advertising the 007 movie "Die another Day" [HAVE SEEN 2 DIFFERENT COVERS]
2002 postcard Another James Bond movie promotional item with a coral thunderbird in the lower corner and James Bond reflected in porthole window.
. 2002 press release Saleen/Bonspeed Custom - 5x7photo and 2 pages of press info on the Saleen/Bonspeed custom T-bird
. 2002 Brochure "Ford No Boundaries" - 14 pages, 2003 Thunderbird, Mustang Mach 1 and  GT
. 2002 Brochure 2003 Ford Showroom sales brochure - shows the new  colors and interiors plus 2-page photo of each color car
(if you are getting an 03 model, be sure to pick up this brochure for your files) (thank you to Don Davis Auto Group for sending me the brochure)
. 2002 Calendar Ford's 100 Anniversary "Living Legends" 2003 calendar -2003 desert sky blue is the January car.
. 2002 Calendar 2003 Sports Cars Calendar by Plato - red 2002 as March car - photos by Dan Lyons
. 2002 Calendar Galpin Ford's 2003 calendar - meadow mist green T-bird - March
. 2002 Book Retrofururism hardcover catalog of exhibit - Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, opened "Retrofuturism: The Car Design of J Mays," the first-ever museum exhibition devoted to the work of an American car designer.  cover shows door handle of Thunderbird
. 2002 Press Kit 2002 fall SEMA show - press kit with CD for Ford GT, Mustang Mach 1, and the  Thunderbird
. 2002 Card Ford advertising for the 007 Special Edition 
. 2002 Calendar 2003 Model Cars Magazine Calendar - April Page has artwork by John McBride of new t-bird
. 2002-2003 Brochure For lottery by Sacred Heart Academy, Bloomfield Hills, MI - drawing for an 03
. 2002/2003 Press Literature 2003 Product Information  guide for Ford, Mercury, Lincoln models - short summaries of each model including 44 pages for the Thunderbird with pictures.    Wire bound inside cover; includes CD
. 2003 Binder 2003 Ford Car Source book with information on all Ford car models including a section for the 2003 Ford Thunderbird
. ? Cards Double deck of cards given to Ford employees.  0ne deck has view of 55 T-bird, other deck has view of Concept black T-bird. Backside has reason for existence
. 2003 Press Kit Greater Los Angeles Auto Show, January 03, cover shows concept supercharger and the 007 model, includes CD with photos of concept supercharger Thunderbird and the James Bond Halle Berry Ford Thunderbird plus press sheets with info on both cars and other Ford models.
. 2003 Poster Thunderbird Evolution  - shows  a 55, 56, 57 and a 2002 plus others
. 2003 Poster RM Auction poster for April 2003
. 2003 Brochure Personalized 2003 Thunderbird brochure from Ford's Thunderbird website - was available for the 03 model year - wass mailed to you with your name on several different pages.  See below for a new 04 personalized brochure.
. 2002 Calendar 2003 Calendar produced by Ford of Canada; in Chinese - Black 02 on July page (There's probably an English and French version too.)
. 2003 Brochure from Valmet, showing concept of retractable roof t-bird made in Finland- 12 pages with photos
. 2003 Baseball Balitmore Orioles game giveaway June 12, 2003 - black 55 on one side, whisper white 2003 on other side; in clear cube with card.
. 2003 Poster Ford Timeline of cars - 100th anniversary poster for dealer display; includes aqua 55 t-bird; and T-bird blue 02 along with many other Ford vehicles.
. 2003 Lottery Tickets Scratch -off Tickets, Kansas State Lottery, 007 on ticket face
. 2003 Tin Sign yellow concept with various other years of t-birds
. 2003 Accessory Fender Cover - "Fender Gripper" - Black or Red with Thunderbird logo and script - 3'x2' for use to protect fender while working on car or use decoratively on floor or wall
. 2003 Lottery Posters Michigan State Lottery posters, various sizes, advertizing brochures,  large banner - used in promotion of an August 2003 lottery game "Fall Days of Thunder"
. 2003 Tin Sign Ford 100th Anniversary sign with light background including new Thunderbird and a 55 Thunderbird
. 2003 Lottery Poster Kansas State Lottery - small poster, scratch cards for game - May 2003 to Sept 2003.  Had 2nd chance drawing for 007 Thunderbird at Kansas State Fair 
. 2003 Brochure 2004 Ford Thunderbird brochure - available at dealers
. 2003 Brochure 2004 Legends brochure - Show brochure with Mustang, Thunderbird and Ford GT, 20 pages 8.5"x11"
. 2003 Brochure 2004 Personalized brochure from Ford's Thunderbird website - click on their "brochure" button near top of their main Thunderbird  (find on my links page) and personalize your own brochure.
. 2003 Calendar 2004 Calendar by BrownTrout Publishing Company - cover, inside cover and "May" have 2002 T-birds. the rest are 55-57 T-birds.
. 2003 Calendar 2004 Calendar - limited edition for the TBN - 12 different color new Thunderbirds from 2002 - 2004 - each color represented.
. 2001?? Clothing Ralph Marlin Tie - various Thunderbirds, including 2002 red and Neiman Marcus
. 2001?? Clothing Ralph Marlin Tie - various Thunderbirds, including 2002 blue and yellow
. 2003 Flyer 2004 Pacific Coast Roadster 2004 Ford thunderbird dealer information card - 2 sided with photo of PCR at seaside
. 2003 Catalog 2004 Ford Mustang and Thunderbird Accessories catalog -red on cover
. 2003/2004 Press Literature  2004 Product Information  guide for Ford, Mercury, Lincoln models - short summaries of each model including 4 pages for the Thunderbird with pictures.   . Wire bound inside cover; includes CD
. 2003 Computer Game Ford Racing 2 - racing game with various Ford icon models including the 1955 tbird and the 2003 T-bird.  Issued for the 100th anniversary of Ford.  Also includes the Ford GT concept and the Mustang GT concept.  Game comes in several formats - pc compatible,  PlayStation 2, XBox.

More photos will be added when the site changes are completed
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